Dear Customer,

StarHub is no longer a reseller of electricity as of 21 September 2018. Existing customers will not be adversely affected, and will be provided with details in writing by 12 October 2018. For more enquiries, please contact Sunseap at

Will StarHub refund me the deposit I paid when applying for Green Energy service?
Who should I contact if I have any general or billing enquiries relating to my electricity service?
When will I stop receiving bills from StarHub for Green Energy service?
I have yet to make payment for my last bill from StarHub. Should I still make payment to StarHub?
What happens to my outstanding balance after 16 October 2018?
How do I retrieve my bills and make payment?
What if I don’t make payment for the electricity service by the due date or by 16 October 2018?
I have applied for GIRO / Recurring credit card / Internet Banking payment for my electricity account with StarHub. Will this arrangement be carried forward to Sunseap Energy?
How do I make payment to Sunseap Energy?


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