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StarHub TV+ App and Web Portal FAQ


What is StarHub TV+?

StarHub TV+ is an all-in-one simplified offering giving customers favourite streaming services, apps and TV programmes through a single platform.

Where is StarHub TV+ available?

Currently, StarHub TV+ is available in Singapore only. You will not be able to access it if you are overseas.

What content is being offered on StarHub TV+?

StarHub TV+ Pass

The StarHub TV+ Pass is the new pass offering- where you don’t need to choose and you can have it all- Whether it is streaming services, apps and TV shows, StarHub TV+ has it delivered all in one place.

Available in no-contract option, customers can choose from six different StarHub TV+ Passes according to their preferred genre, and also enjoy the freedom of enhancing their subscription with add-on packs and 3rd party streaming apps.

For more information, visit here.

StarHub TV+ Packs

Starter+: Stream to your heart's content with a wide variety of content. Binge-watch on the latest TVB dramas, shows from China, Korea, US, UK and more!

Streaming Apps

HBO GO: Stream the best of HBO from the biggest blockbuster movies to the most talked-about HBO Originals anytime, anywhere.

TVB Anywhere+:  Stream the latest TVB dramas, variety shows and more.

iQIYI Standard VIP: Stream Asian dramas, movies & more. 

Getting Started with StarHub TV+

What devices can I use to stream StarHub TV+?

You can watch shows on StarHub TV+ using the following: 

-    StarHub TV+ Box and StarHub TV+ Pro Box
-    Mobile phone or tablet via the StarHub TV+ app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store
-    PC web browser via
-    Android TV via the StarHub TV+ Android TV app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
-    Samsung TV via the StarHub TV+ Samsung TV app that can be downloaded from Samsung App Store.

Note: StarHub TV+ is not supported on mobile web browsers and Apple TV.

What is the minimum required internet connection speed?

We recommend at least 10Mbps for an optimal viewing experience.

Can I use StarHub TV+ on my jailbroken or rooted device?

StarHub TV+ is not supported on jailbroken and rooted devices. Your information and payment transaction may not be secured on these devices. As such, StarHub will not be responsible for the security of information transmitted to, from or through this application. Hence, we cannot guarantee full performance of the app on jailbroken devices.

How do I start watching on StarHub TV+?

You will need a Hub iD and a subscription to our Packs in order to start watching on StarHub TV+. As soon as you have these, you're good to go.

To register for a Hub iD, you will need:

  • A valid email address
  • An alphanumeric password of at least 8 characters
  • Mobile number

View more FAQ with regards to Hub iD.

Who is eligible for the first month offer on Starter+?

This one-time offer will be made available to any StarHub customers with an active subscription to our post-paid mobile plans and/or TV plans and/or broadband service.

How do I cancel my StarHub TV+ subscription?

For StarHub TV+ Packs

It’s the hardest thing to say goodbye though we hope to see you again. To cancel your subscription, you may unsubscribe via StarHub's My Account portal.

Using StarHub TV+ App and Web Portal

How do I start to view the available programmes on StarHub TV+?

After logging in to StarHub TV+ using your Hub iD, you can discover the various genres of content on the home screen. You can also explore TV Shows or Movies to see what's available.

Is there a limit to how much I can watch on StarHub TV+?

Not at all, watch as much as you want! Time is your greatest enemy!

Will there be any data charges on StarHub TV+ when accessing via my StarHub Mobile data service?

StarHub postpaid mobile customers will be able to stream StarHub TV+ app anytime, anywhere without any additional cost on your StarHub mobile line! Ensure that your mobile data access point (APN) is set to "shwap" in order to not get any data charges. 
As a TV+ subscriber, you’re naturally entitled to register up to 5 devices and up to 2 streams simultaneously – given these are all within the same household..

Data charges at the prevailing rates may apply to mobile subscribers who access StarHub TV+ using other various forms of mobile data connections, including without limitation 3G or LTE connections.

Can I download videos from StarHub TV+ and watch them offline?

StarHub TV+ is an online video streaming service and therefore downloading is not possible.

How do I de-register my device?

You can remove any of the registered devices by:

  • Logging in to or the StarHub TV+ app.
  • Go to "My Account" if you're on the web, or "More" if you're on StarHub TV+ app.
  • Select "Device Management" and remove your desired device.
  • Once successfully removed, simply log in with your new device and our system will register it automatically.

How often does StarHub TV+ update its content?

We are constantly refreshing our content selection to bring you the latest entertainment possible. As such, some older titles may have expired or been removed from our catalogue while we continuously add new ones.

Is StarHub TV+ content in HD?

Yes, whenever available, we will provide the content in HD. However, picture quality may vary due to a number of factors which includes bandwidth and speed of connection.

For the shows with Dual Sound, am I able to select/choose the audio feed that I want with StarHub TV+?

Yes, you will be able to choose the audio option if the show you are watching has dual language.

Am I able to access StarHub TV+ other than from a StarHub Mobile or StarHub Broadband connection?

StarHub TV+ can be accessed as long as you have an Internet or data connection.

I have multiple StarHub TV subscriptions. How can I switch between these subscriptions on the StarHub TV+ app?

To switch between your StarHub TV subscriptions on the StarHub TV+ app, you just have to log out and log in using the desired Hub iD tied to your TV subscription. No need to delete and re-install the TV+ app.

If you’re using a set-top box, you will not be able to switch to your TV subscriptions as each set-top box is tied to 1 TV subscription.

Account & Billing

How can I pay for StarHub TV+?

For StarHub TV+ Pass

Monthly subscription charges will be billed to your StarHub postpaid bill.

For StarHub TV+ Packs

If you are a StarHub customer, you may charge it to your postpaid bill. Otherwise, you may use a credit card.

Why do StarHub TV+ Packs cost more if I pay through iTunes on iOS devices?

If you sign up on an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) and pay for your StarHub TV+ Pack subscription (e.g., Starter+) with your iTunes account, there is an additional charge due to transaction cost associated with Apple.

You may choose to sign up on to avoid this additional charge. 


How can I get support for technical or billing queries?

For assistance, you can reach us on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Alternatively, send us an email for any billing or technical queries.

I have forgotten my Hub iD or Hub iD password. How do I reset my password on StarHub TV+ app/web? 

If you forgot your Hub iD or password, you could reset them here. Just tap “Forgot your Hub iD” or “Forgot your Password” and follow the steps.

I've logged in to the StarHub TV+ app/webpage, but I can't watch the programs. What should I do?

For assistance, you can reach us on Facebook or WhatsApp

StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service (VAS)

What is StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service (VAS)?

StarHub TV Go is a value-added service (VAS) that allows StarHub Fibre TV customers to stream their subscribed channels on the StarHub TV+ mobile app and web portal.

What content is being offered by StarHub TV Go VAS?
  • TV Channels: Watch your favourite StarHub TV channels^ on-the-go.
  • On Demand Channels: Catch your subscribed On Demand channels such as HBO On Demand, Hub VV Drama On Demand and more on the go.
  • TV Guide: Browse 7 days' worth of upcoming programmes.

Check full list of channels available on StarHub TV+

Can I view all the channels / Add-on Packs that I have subscribed on my StarHub Fibre TV account via StarHub TV+?

No, only selected channels on StarHub TV are available on StarHub TV+. Refer to the list of channels.

Can I view local free-to-air Mediacorp channels like Channel 5 or Channel 8 on StarHub TV+?

No, local free-to-air Mediacorp channels are not available on StarHub TV+ mobile app or web.

I have subscribed to a Pay-Per-View (eg. World Cup, one-time boxing match) on StarHub TV, am I able to watch it via StarHub TV+?

Where possible, we will try to make the Pay-Per-View (PPV) content available on StarHub TV+. However, there will be instances where there may be limitations in the TV+ broadcast rights for the content.

If I subscribe to a Pay-Per-View (eg. World Cup, one-time boxing match) on StarHub TV+, will I be able to watch it on StarHub Fibre TV?

No, if you subscribe to a Pay-Per-View on StarHub TV+, you will only be able to watch it on StarHub TV+. To watch on StarHub Fibre TV, you will have to subscribe via your set-top box.

If I terminate my StarHub Fibre TV subscription/ pack/ channel, can I still view that programme on StarHub TV+?

You will no longer be able to watch the channels that are tied to the terminated StarHub Fibre TV subscription. 

What will happen to my StarHub TV Go VAS subscription if I discontinue my StarHub TV subscription?

Your StarHub TV Go VAS subscription will automatically be removed when you discontinue your StarHub TV subscription. 

About StarHub TV+ Box

StarHub TV+ Box

Refer to StarHub TV+ Box FAQ here