smart broadband tips

1. Router placement is key

make sure your LAN cable is intact

Your router placement can potentially cause signal interference. Place your router at an open and central space within the house to help improve the connection.

2. Avoid hitting a wall

Structural walls are denser than normal, and when reinforced with metal can weaken your WiFi signal. If your router is in a bomb shelter, shift it to a different location.


3. Too many competing wireless devices

test your wifi connectivity signal strength

Wireless or older Bluetooth devices transmit signals, causing interference. Possible culprits include fitness trackers, wireless headsets/keyboards/mics, baby monitors, cordless phones, sous-vide machines, etc. Turn these devices off when not in use to avoid them interfering with your WiFi signals.

4. Interference from Heat Waves

The seals and shields on older microwaves are weaker due to wear-and-tear. This allows the microwaves to “leak” out from within and interfere with your WiFi signal. Placing your router far away from your microwave can help improve connectivity and signal strength.

5. Signals can Reflect

Mirrors and metal backings can reflect WiFi signals that are almost as strong as the original, causing interference. Place your router away from mirrors and any reflective surfaces.

6. Finding the “sweet spot”

wifi for collaborative work

Some areas, especially in the case of larger homes might not have adequate coverage or receive weak signals. Moving your router closer to where you usually require WiFi or upgrading to a Smart WiFi router can help prevent this.

7. Mind the neighbours

wifi signal strength wall penetration

If your neighbours have installed repeaters, extenders and mesh WiFi to strengthen their connection, their WiFi signal could be messing with yours. Try to change the frequency of your router, move it to another room, or use a wired connection.

You can do a speed test via Speedtest by Ookla app before and after applying these WiFi tips to verify that WiFi speeds have improved. You can also check out further information on improving signal speeds at home in this article: How to restore your Home WiFi connection - FAQ