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    It doesn't get any easier than this.
    My StarHub app
  • My StarHub app

    My StarHub app

    It doesn't get any easier than this.

Check mobile data usage, pay your bills, and manage your services - all in one app.

With My StarHub app, everything becomes effortless.

See all your key services and manage them in just a few taps, or check your mobile data usage at a glance. Prefer to pay your bills online? Easy, just log in to the app.

What's more, redeeming your rewards or activating roaming VASes on-the-fly whenever you like is now possible in one convenient app.


data usage icon
Check usage and bills
Keep track of your local/roaming data, outgoing minutes, SMS and MMS usage.
bill payments icon
Manage subscriptions
View, manage and recontract your Mobile, TV, and Broadband services.
online shop icon
Shop for more services
Add more data, activate roaming data, or manage parental control services.
rewards icon
Redeem rewards
Redeem exciting rewards in our EAT, PLAY and SHOP categories.
Convenience is just a few taps away.

Check your bills

You can now view and pay your monthly bills on the My StarHub app, so you will never miss a payment again!

Don't need to check your mobile data usage all the time? The app also allows you to activate your local and roaming data usage alerts via SMS, so you know how much data you have left.

Check your data usage

Want to know if there's enough data for one more episode on StarHub Go? With the My StarHub app, checking your mobile data usage on-the-fly is now possible, all you have to do is log in to the app!

Want a more detailed breakdown? Simply tap on the usage card to see a daily breakdown of the data you have used.

Add more data

When you need more data to suit your monthly usage habits, or wish to increase your bundled data to share with your loved ones, you can do it on the My StarHub app. With Plus 3 or DataJump, you can choose to have a small bump in your data allocation, or increase your data by up to 20GB - all on the app!

Travelling soon? Subscribe to DataTravel on-the-go and enjoy overseas data at local rates.

Share your data

Sharing your data is possible through the My StarHub app, in a few simple steps. With DataShare, you can allocate your loved ones your additional data to binge watch their favourite shows or stream the latest hits, all on their mobile phones!

When it comes to family, you save when you share.