Get on the broooooadest band now!

Future-proof your broadband with StarHub's all-new 5Gbps or 10Gbps plans on the UltraSpeed network.

Powered by the latest fibre technology - our UltraSpeed network ensures cutting-edge performance and reliability. Whether you're a content creator, hardcore gamer, or K-drama lover, enjoy ultra-smooth streaming, ultra low latency, and ultra fuss-free broadband with us.

24 months
UltraSpeed 10Gbps
With ONT + WiFi 7 router
  • Ultra smooth and reliable connection, 4+ users and devices
  • 1 FREE TP-Link EB810v router
    (WiFi 7) 
  • Premier League for 24 mths
  • Disney+ Standard on us for 12 mths
  • Amazon Prime on us for 3 mths
per month
24 months
UltraSpeed 5Gbps
With ONR (WiFi 6)
  • Seamless connection for 2 to 4 users 
  • 1 10Gbps Optical Network Router (WiFi 6) 
  • Amazon Prime on us for 3 mths


per month
24 months
With ONT + WiFi 6 router
  • Ideal for 1 to 3 users with simple connectivity needs
  • 1 FREE Linksys MX2 Mesh router (WiFi 6)
  • Amazon Prime on us for 3 mths



per month

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Get on the Broadband network that's up to speed

Latest Fibre network technology
Latest Fibre network technology

Best lag-free streaming experience
Best lag-free streaming experience

Bigger bandwidth for multiple devices
Bigger bandwidth for multiple devices

Up to 10X faster upload & download speeds
Up to 10X faster upload & download speeds

Wait less, do more on the UltraSpeed network

Blink, and it's done. Download 4K movies and upload video content in seconds on our 5Gbps or 10Gbps broadband plans, powered by the all-new UltraSpeed network.

Actual download and upload speed is subject to various factors, including but not limited to the following:

1.The location of the destination server, the bandwidth it allows per connection, the load of the server.
2.Whether the customer has maximized coverage using existing mesh network, whether the WiFi dead spot has been eliminated by adding extra mesh nodes if needed.
3.The customer home environment, including blockage by walls, interference by other nearby WiFi networks.
4.Technical specification of customer devices including routers, laptop, mobile phones.
5.Set-up of the customer’s devices, e.g. whether there is any firewall or anti-virus softwares installed, whether the configuration is optimal.


Enjoy Fuss-free Broadband with our
Hub Troopers

Our friendly Hub Troopers will help you with the free installation so you can game, work and surf seamlessly at home!

What do our Hub Troopers do?

Step 1

Analyse your home layout.
Step 2

Advise on the best location(s) to place your router(s) and the recommended number of mesh required for the best WiFi coverage.
Step 3

Perform WiFi test to ensure you are all set for the best broadband experience.

Check below the recommended number of routers for strong Wi-Fi coverage in your flat

Experience the future of Broadband today

Learn more about how the UltraSpeed Network can enhance your surfing experience.

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