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UltraSpeed FAQ


What is UltraSpeed service?

UltraSpeed Broadband plan includes 2Gbps Broadband on a 24-month contract and 10Gbps as a trial until 30 June 2023. UltraSpeed  is available nationwide.

What are the benefits of having the UltraSpeed service?

With up to 10X the bandwidth of 1Gbps, UltraSpeed will ensure that there is always enough bandwidth to go around for everyone in the family. It saves you time each time you stream, upload or download videos and gamers at home will be more than pleased with the new lag-free experience that UltraSpeed can provide.

What is the monthly subscription of UltraSpeed service?

For a limited time, UltraSpeed will be at a promotional price of $99.90/month (U.P. $119.90/mth).

Why should I subscribe to UltraSpeed?

With more devices (such as security camera, aircon, fridges etc) connecting to Broadband and higher demand of bandwidth from every individual at home (streaming videos, working from home, playing games etc), UltraSpeed is the plan to go for lag-free connectivity for multiple users and devices in one home as there will always be enough bandwidth to go around.

Signing up for UltraSpeed

Who is eligible to sign up for UltraSpeed?

UltraSpeed is available to all new and existing StarHub broadband customers.

How do I sign up to UltraSpeed?

You can easily sign up for UltraSpeed via our Online Store or StarHub Shops or call our hotline at 1630.

I am an existing Fibre Broadband customer with 1Gbps/2Gbps Fibre Broadband. Can I recontract or upgrade to UltraSpeed?

Absolutely! If you are an existing customer interested in recontracting or upgrading to UltraSpeed, please fill out our webform at, and our sales consultant will get in touch with you From 6 March 2023. 

Setting up UltraSpeed

What equipment will be provided to me?

Optical Network Router (ONR) (wired) will be provided during the installation appointment. The ONR (wired) can be connected to your existing router to expand WiFi coverage. For the best experience, we recommend  a top up for Smart WiFi Pro (WiFi 6) router at just $12.11/month (worth $399).

I am a new StarHub Fibre Broadband customer and would like to sign up for the UltraSpeed service. Is service installation and activation fees inclusive in the plan?

Good news, installation fee and activation fee worth $148.08 will be waived for UltraSpeed.

Are there any other charges involved for signing up to UltraSpeed?

In the event the Fibre Termination Point (FTP) is faulty or new FTP port is required, the third-party NLT charges may apply:

  • TP installation: $162.00 (high-rise) / $291.60 (landed)
  • TP RRR (Relocation, Repair and Replacement and Removal Charge): $162.00 (high-rise) / $291.60 (landed)

Will I need a new Fibre Termination Point for UltraSpeed?

UltraSpeed needs a dedicated Fibre Termination Point (FTP).  If both existing FTP ports are occupied, a new FTP will be required. Below charge from NetLink Trust for FTP applies :

  • TP installation: $162.00 (high-rise) / $291.60 (landed)

What are the system requirements I need to enjoy the optimum speed of UltraSpeed?

The following is minimum requirement to enjoy optimal experience:

CPUi7 Quad Core
Hard diskSSD/PCI-e
Operating systemWindows 10 or Mac OS 10 & above
LAN cables

Cat6/6a (for connecting to 10Gbps LAN port)

Cat5e (for connecting to 1Gbps LAN port)

Network adapter

Desktop with PCI-E 10GBase-T Network Adaptor


Laptop/Desktop with ThunderboltTM 3 USB-C Type Connector and Thunderbolt 3 to 10GBase-T Ethernet Adaptor

What is the optimal speedtest result I will get if I have the compatible devices?

The typical speed test result of UltraSpeed can reach up to 10x the speedtest result of 1Gbps Fibre Broadband over wired connection.

The speed test result is highly dependent on various factors which includes:

  • Devices used (please refer to Question 4 above)
  • The configuration of the devices (e.g. firewall, anti-virus, etc)
  • Period of testing (e.g. peak period or non-peak period)
  • The website customer is surfing. Other external factors such as internet congestion.

I do not have the compatible devices at home. How do I enjoy the benefits of UltraSpeed?

Great news, UltraSpeed allows you to share 10X more bandwidth across multiple devices with everyone at home. As such, you will still benefit from the huge bandwidth offered by UltraSpeed even without compatible devices with improved download & upload speed.

How will the setup of the UltraSpeed service be like?

The following are two examples of how it can be set-up:

Example 1:

UltraSpeed 1

Example 2:

UltraSpeed 2

How can I configure my WiFi mesh router to use this service?

ONR (wired) allows sharing of bandwidth among all the LAN ports (1x10G LAN port and 4x1G LAN port), your WiFi mesh router is recommended to configure as bridge mode for best surfing experience.

The following are the steps to configure your WiFi mesh routers into bridge mode (only routers sold by StarHub):

Steps to configure Smart WiFi Pro (Linksys MX420) and Smart WiFi MX2 (Linksys MX2001) as Bridge Mode

UltraSpeed 3

1. Launch Linksys app from your phone.

2. Tap Menu icon at the top left corner.

3. Tap Advanced Settings, then tap Internet Settings.

4. Tap Connection Type , then tap on Bridge Mode.

5. Tap Save.

6. The app will confirm the choice from you again, tap on Enable Bridge Mode on the screen presented.

Router will restart and bridge mode is turned on. While the router is restarting, you will be disconnected from internet during restarting.

Steps to configure Smart WiFi (Nokia B1 and Nokia B2) as Bridge mode

UltraSpeed 4

1. Launch Nokia WiFi app from your phone.

2. Tap Settings at the bottom-right corner.

3. In the Settings page, swipe down and tap Advanced.

4. Tap Networking Mode, then tap Mode.

5. Select Bridge mode.

6. Tap at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

Router will restart and bridge mode is turned on. While the router is restarting, you will be disconnected from internet during restarting.

Can I connect the additional fibre connection to a different part of my house or on a different level?

Yes, you can. There are two ways to do that:

a) Connect via in-house wired LAN cable.

b) Connect via Wi-Fi mesh router that can expand coverage to various part of the house wirelessly.

Does UltraSpeed use a dynamic or static IP address?

UltraSpeed uses a dynamic IP address.

Is UltraSpeed suitable for security cameras?

UltraSpeed uses a dynamic IP address. Please check with the manufacturer of your security camera if a dynamic address is suitable.

Can I purchase my own router instead of using the routers recommended by StarHub?

All our routers have been tested to work well with UltraSpeed and for best experience, we recommend that you purchase a Smart WiFi Pro router (WiFi 6) from us from just $12.11/month. UltraSpeed will still work with other routers. For the best user experience, we recommend that you pair UltraSpeed with at least a Wi-Fi 6/AX router.

I am currently sharing the ONT/VeONT in my home with another subscriber (e.g. tenant). What will happen when I sign up for the UltraSpeed service?

UltraSpeed service will be provided on a new fibre connection. Existing service will not be affected.

I am currently on StarHub’s Fibre Broadband with Fibre TV. How should I reconfigure the setup when I recontract to the UltraSpeed service?

UltraSpeed service is currently available as a standalone Broadband service. Fibre TV service is currently not supported by UltraSpeed. You may wish to upgrade your Fibre TV service to TV+ which is supported by UltraSpeed.

Does your HomeHub+ plan come with a UltraSpeed Broadband option?

UltraSpeed is currently not available for HomeHub+.

Can I sign up for StarHub Add-ons (e.g. CyberProtect) with UltraSpeed?

Yes, add-ons are available with UltraSpeed.

What will happen after the UltraSpeed trial?

UltraSpeed is a 2Gbps broadband plan with a 10Gbps broadband trial to give customers an extra speed boost. We hope to continue the delivery of up to 10X the speed of 1Gbps Fibre Broadband after the trial, subject to regulatory approvals.