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We want our customers to enjoy our services with their loved ones. With Hub Club Go, your entire household can enjoy up to 30% off mobile lines! Find out more on how you can share discounts with your family below.

More lines,
more discounts

Enjoy up to 30% off your mobile lines – including SIM only plans! What’s more, nominate the mobiles lines of the members of your household on StarHub App and enjoy more discounts for all at home.

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Qualification is easy

To enjoy discounts off your mobile lines, simply subscribe to either 2 mobile and 1 broadband service OR 1 mobile, 1 broadband and 1TV service and become a Hub Club Go member.

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  • All CIS mobile plans are not eligible for the Hub Club Go programme.
  • SIM Only plans on a promotional offer are not eligible for Hub Club Go discounts. However, these plans will still be included as a line count.
  • Mobile monthly price plans that are below $15 are not eligible for Hub Club Go discounts.

Hub Club Go FAQ