Your TV+ experience just got better!

Look forward to an enhancement to your TV+ viewing experience with a refreshed look and updated features! Multitask seamlessly with Google Assistant, enjoy the Premier League with unparalleled features, browse with Chinese user interface and more! ​

Your TV+ platform will be automatically updated, so no action is required for TV+ customers. 

Google Voice Assistant

Multitask with Google Voice Assistant – simply click on the Google Assistant button on your remote to switch channels with your voice.

You can also instruct Google Assistant to play specific shows from your favourite app, such as Netflix. 


Simply click left on your remote control to turn back the clock and start over or rewind the shows you missed! Available on selected LIVE TV channels up to 24 hours later. 


Explore and discover channels you love based on their genres - Chinese/Asian, Education & Lifestyle, Entertainment, International/Ethnic

Search for your preferred television programmes by filtering through dates - yesterday, now, tomorrow and more!

Premier League

Elevate your Premier League viewing experience! 

Get real-time match statistics while you watch the game LIVE

Missed a game? Replay the game you missed and use the interactive timeline to skip to the best bits of the game. ​

Chinese Language Interface

Prefer to read Chinese text instead? You can now choose to navigate the TV+ platform in Chinese! Simply go to settings, select language, then switch to Chinese. 

From browsing the TV+ platform to viewing the show titles and synopsis, the choice to do so in Chinese is yours!

StarHub TV+ FAQ