Take your entertainment to the big screen

Catch all your favourite shows in one place with the StarHub TV+ box. From LIVE TV and On Demand channels, to Netflix, HBO GO and more, everything you love is here. Simply plug-and-play on any broadband network and start watching.

To enjoy Free-to-air channels, you will need StarHub Broadband and a StarHub Smart WiFi router. For information on how to set up your StarHub TV+ box, click here.

Find out how to watch your favourite programmes on your StarHub TV+ box via Chromecast here

Quick & Seamless Access

Your favourite streaming services, apps and TV shows, all in one place.

Watch your favourite shows come to life in 4K resolution.

Get connected anywhere, and on any network.


  • Access Free-to-air channels when you get connected with StarHub Broadband and StarHub Smart WiFi
  • Get streaming services, apps and TV programmes on a single platform


  • Android TV OS with Operator Tier (Version 10)
  • Ultra-HD compatible so you can enjoy 4K content, including Netflix
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Google Voice Search
  • Dolby Digital Plus audio
  • Fast streaming with 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Quad-Core Processor 2GB RAM & 8GB storage


Free-to-air Channels

StarHub Broadband and StarHub Smart WiFi are required to access Free-to-air channels.



  • Netflix in 4K is only available on Netflix Premium Plan.
  • A rental fee of $5/month will be charged for the StarHub TV+ box over 12 months. 12-month commitment applies.
  • StarHub Broadband with StarHub Smart WiFi (Nokia WiFi Beacon 1) are required to enjoy Free-to-air channels on your StarHub TV+ box
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How to enjoy Free-to-air & Cross-carriage channels

Connect your StarHub TV+ box to your StarHub Smart WiFi router using the Ethernet cable, or via wireless connection. A StarHub Broadband connection is required.

StarHub TV+ Box FAQ

How to Set Up StarHub TV+ Box FAQ