The one-stop solution for all
your mobile issues.

Do you know that 62%^^ of phones start to malfunction after a year? But SmartSupport has got your back.


With SmartSupport, you can replace or swap your device locally within 4 hours*!

Getting technical support for any device related issues is now just a chat or call away with the SmartSupport app. Download now!

4-hour Device Replacement or Swap^
  • Up to 2 times in 12 months.
  • Enjoy islandwide delivery.
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One-click access to Tech Support##
  • Ask any device-related questions.
  • Get help with setting up your new phone, including backup, data transfer and more.

How Does It Work?
Easy and Fast Replacement

Simply speak to our dedicated specialists to initiate a service request and your replacement phone will be in your hands within 4 hours*. Delivery to an overseas address can also be arranged. The cost of your replacement device will be based on the recommended retail price** (RRP) and your current subscription plan.

Help, Anytime You Need It

Get your questions answered by simply talking or texting our Tech Specialists via the SmartSupport app with the exclusive Chat or Call## feature.

You can also access tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your mobile device~.

Start by downloading the SmartSupport app now.

Sign up and get started

Sign up for the SmartSupport Value-Added Service when you purchase a new device on a 2-year mobile plan.

To get the most out of SmartSupport, download the SmartSupport app now.

How much does it cost?


At a monthly subscription fee of $12 (inclusive of GST), you get to enjoy device replacement/swap and one-click access to tech support.

Device Replacement or Swap (Up to 2 times in 12 months^) 
Retail Price of Device
(Inclusive of GST, as of device launch date)
Replacement fee
(Inclusive of GST)
Swap fee
(Inclusive of GST)
≤$250 $75 $25
$251 - $500 $220 $80
$501 - $750 $500 $150
$751 - $1,500 $550 $170
>$1,500 $680 $250


  • ^You may make up to 2 exchanges within a 12 month period, which commences from first shipment date.
  • *Your replacement device will be delivered to you via courier at a local address within 4 hours if your request is accepted between 8.00am and 2.00pm Singapore time, Monday to Saturday, excluding Public Holidays. Overseas delivery is available and is subjected to additional cost, delivery time and custom clearance.
  • ~Requires iOS 9.0 or above / Android 5.0 or above.
  • ##Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm.
  • **RRP refers to the recommended retail price of the phone (inclusive of GST) at launch date.
  • ^^Based on StarHub’s survey results.

SmartSupport FAQ

HD Voice

Enjoy crystal clear conversations.

Prepaid to Postpaid

Retain your mobile number when you convert your prepaid plan to postpaid.