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Online safety is an emerging concern. The Singapore Police Force estimates that 74.5% increase in the number and more than S$21 million lost in just e-commerce scams in 2022. With our daily lives increasingly being lived online, we are constantly exposed to a higher risk to cybercrimes and threats.

Stay safe with CyberCover, a SafeHub+ service.

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CyberCover is designed to provide you and your family members with up to $13,000 coverage against online threats, such as fraud, cyber-bullying, unauthorised transactions, undelivered online purchases and identity theft. CyberCover is underwritten by Chubb.

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Why sign up for CyberCover?
Identity theft
Covers you in the event that your identity is at risk or misused through compromised passwords or clicking on malicious links unknowingly that infiltrates your digital identity.
Covers you in the event that you or your immediate family first experience harassment or intimidation, including defamation of character, invasion of privacy or threats of violence online.
Unauthorised transactions
Covers your loss in the event that your payment card(s) were used to perform transactions that are not authorised by you.
Buyers Protection
Covers your online transactions in the event where your purchased item was not delivered or does not match the seller's description when delivered.

What are you covered for?
Coverage Benefits
Identity Theft and Cyber-Bullying Coverage
Quick Legal Consult Complimentary 1 Hour
Legal Expenses $8,500
IT/ Tech Support Complimentary 1 Hour
Additional Expenses $1,000
Initial Counselling Session (applicable for Cyber-Bullying only) Complimentary 1 Hour
Trauma Counselling Expenses (applicable for Cyber-Bullying only) $1,000
Loss of Income Expenses (applicable for Identity Theft only) $1,000
Unauthorised Transactions
Protection to restore financial loss following fraudulent transactions made on payment card(s) under the insured person’s name - including if the payment card(s) is/are physically missing or not. $750
Buyers Protection
Protection of eligible online purchases of items made under the insured person’s payment card(s)  which either the items does not arrive or does not match the seller’s description when delivered. $750

* 10% Deductible will be applicable per claim (minimum of $50)

Who can sign up for CyberCover?

As long as you are an existing StarHub Mobile and/or Broadband customer, Singapore resident age 18 years old and above! Customers can only take up a single CyberCover policy as an individual or a family nucleus currently. 

2 types of coverage


Your policy covers up to $13,000 for: 
  • Identity Theft
  • Cyber-Bullying
  • Unauthorised Transactions
  • Buyer's Protection for undelivered online purchases

Individual Policy

/ month

Only covers one insured person.
Simply pay-as-you go! No strings attached.

Family Policy

/ month

Covers you, your children, your spouse/partner and parents who live with you. Simply update your family details in the My StarHub App.

How to sign up?

CyberCover Plans New and Recontract Customers Existing Customers

Family @ $13.23

StarHub Shops and Online Store

StarHub App

Individual @ $10.18

StarHub Shops

Sign up on StarHub App today!


  • CyberCover is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited, offered under a group policy.
  • StarHub is the policy owner and not an insurer or insurance intermediary, is not licensed or supervised by the MAS, and does not assume any risk or liability in respect of the VAS; and 
  • StarHub does not act as an agent for the insurer or the customer in such arrangement.
CyberCover FAQ