Which router suits you better?


Smart WiFi

Nokia Beacon 2

Smart WiFi Pro

Linksys MX4200 Velop

Who is it for? 

People who

  • work
  • surf 
  • stream 
  • have up to 30 connected devices at home

People who

  • require fast uploading/downloading speeds at work
  • stream shows in 4K
  • turn into a pro gamer at night
  • have up to 40 connected devices at home

Mesh router that enables you to add on more units for better WiFi coverage

Max throughput speed

1800 Mbps

4200 Mbps

WiFi Standard

AX / Wi-Fi 6

AX / Wi-Fi 6

This router comes FREE with

1Gbps Fibre Broadband plan
(24 mths contract, for new sign-ups) 
Worth $199

Additional unit at $5/mth.

2Gbps Fibre Broadband plan
(24 mths contract)
Worth $399

Additional unit at $12/mth 

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Get TV+ Pass, Netflix and 1Gbps Broadband from only $64.90/month.

Setting up your connection.

What to expect from a fibre broadband installation.

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Broadband Routers FAQ

Broadband Subscription Eligibility

Troubleshooting your broadband service