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What makes an amazing broadband plan nowadays?

Is it one that offers symmetrical uploads and downloads? One that features swift, stable connections or hassle-free installation?

Then again, perhaps it’s one with all of the above, and here’s where we introduce the all-new StarHub 5Gbps Broadband plan. Combining speed, value, and the best of XGSPON technology, it’s ideal if you want the best mix of advantages in your home broadband – so let’s delve into what sets it apart.

Unmatched Upload Speeds: XGSPON and the UltraSpeed Network

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In a nutshell, XGSPON technology allows for much swifter upload speeds than traditional GPON architecture, which is why it’s currently the gold standard for wireless networks. As such, it’s only natural for homeowners (and more) to be curious about it, though it remains somewhat exclusive among service providers in Singapore.

However, our UltraSpeed network is already built on XGSPON technology.

Formerly exclusive to 10Gbps Broadband subscribers, the unveiling of our 5Gbps Broadband plan marks a significant shift, offering more people access to lightning-fast speeds at just a fraction of the cost— a mere $45/mth.

But how exactly does the UltraSpeed network open the gateway for faster upload speeds? The secret lies in XGSPON’s “symmetrical speeds”, which allow upload-related tasks – such as posting family vacation photos on Google Drive – to complete much faster than before.


What are symmetrical speeds?

In traditional GPON setups, your upload speeds are significantly slower than download speeds due to technological limitations. However, XGSPON (10 Gigabit-capable Symmetric Passive Optical Network) does not have these roadblocks – this means your uploads and downloads can operate at equal, or "symmetrical," speeds. Notably, this helps you derive the absolute maximum value from your broadband plans, especially those offering higher speeds.

For a comprehensive dive into symmetrical speeds and XGSPON technology, check out our UltraSpeed Network Guide.  

Embrace "true" 5Gbps Broadband

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When it comes to broadband speeds, we understand the frustration of buffering screens and lag all too well.

Be it your favourite online game or an exciting new YouTube video, having to deal with poor connection speeds is downright agonising – imagine taking a full minute to get into an online match when your buddies only take a couple of seconds.

Moreover, you’re probably not the only one using the network at home. While a 1Gbps or 2Gbps plan might have sufficed in the past, the reality is that each household member now possesses—and likely actively uses—at least one smart device at all times. Consequently, it's clear that a more robust solution is necessary to meet the demands of today's interconnected lifestyles.

But leaping from a 2Gbps plan to a hefty 10Gbps is rather ambitious, so why not meet us in the middle at 5Gbps? You’ll have more than double what you currently have, and you’ll get to enjoy “true” 5Gbps speeds while ensuring everyone at home stays seamlessly connected.

“Aggregated” vs. “True” Broadband

Now, you might be wondering what exactly we mean by a “true” 5Gbps Broadband, and no – it’s not just a marketing gimmick. The difference lies in how the speed—5Gbps in this instance—is calculated and delivered.

In many broadband plans today, the speed allocated by service providers is "aggregated," meaning the total speed is distributed across multiple LAN ports. For instance, in a plan with an aggregated speed of 2.5Gbps, this bandwidth may be divided among several 1Gbps LAN ports rather than offered as a unified 2.5Gbps connection on a single port.

However, StarHub’s 5Gbps option offers “non-aggregatedspeeds, or as it is more casually referred to - “true” 5Gbps broadband. This means you’ll be getting the full 5Gbps wired connection that you subscribed for on at least one LAN port, as compared to a combined total of 5Gbps spread across multiple ports.

Enjoy stellar Hub Trooper support all the way

Now, what happens after you select and subscribe to our new 5Gbps broadband plan?

That’s right – you have to get it set up.

Broadband setup is a hurdle that often proves daunting for many homeowners. From hunting down compatible routers to navigating the maze of installation tasks, it's a journey that can quickly turn into a headache, especially for those lacking technical know-how.

Fortunately, with StarHub, you can bypass the hassle altogether. Upon subscription, we not only provide you with the necessary routers and cables, but we’ll also dispatch one of our highly skilled Hub Troopers to your doorstep, ready to assist with the setup process. In fact, with the 5Gbps Broadband, we’ll sweeten the deal by providing a FREE 10Gbps-capable WiFi 6 router, which will make transitioning to a potential 10Gbps Broadband option much smoother.

The bottom line? Leave the heavy lifting to us – we’ll make sure you’ve got absolutely everything you need to enjoy your speedy new broadband as soon as possible. After all, why stress over the nitty-gritty details like cable connections or optimal router placement?

And should you encounter any hiccups along the way, feel free to check in with our friendly Hub Troopers or customer service staff – they’ll be more than happy to assist.

For some extra help tweaking your coverage, you might want to check out our handy WiFi Tips as well.

Secure superb speed and value with StarHub's 5Gbps Broadband

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With access to our cutting-edge UltraSpeed network, blazing-fast 5Gbps connection speeds, and comprehensive support from our professional Hub Troopers, our 5Gbps Broadband offers an unbeatable combination of speed and affordability.

At just $45/mth (for a limited time!), it will comfortably cover just about any modern household’s broadband needs. Top all that off with a powerful WiFi 6 router that can also handle 10Gbps speeds, and you’ve effectively covered all the corners you need to.

Now, all that’s left is for you to enjoy your new broadband plan – cheers!