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Digital Voice Home – Value-Added Services (VAS)

What are the Value-Added Services available for Digital Voice Home?

Our comprehensive range of Value-Added Services include:

  1. Value Bundle, which consists of:
    - Caller Number Display
    - Call Waiting
    - Call Divert Plus
    - Voicemail

  2. Privacy
    - Caller Number Display
    - Caller Number Non-Display

  3. Call Control
    - Call Divert Plus
    - Call Waiting

  4. Call Barring
    - Outgoing Call Barring (operator controlled)
    - Incoming Call Barring

  5. Voicemail

  6. Number Retention

  7. Call Transfer Plus
    (Call Transfer Plus will no longer be available with effect from 29 March 2016)

What are the benefits of subscribing to the Value Bundle?

The Value Bundle consists of 4 popular Value-Added Services i.e. Call Waiting, Caller Number Display, Call Divert Plus, and Voicemail at a bundled price of only $4.91 per month.

If you subscribe to the above 4 Value-Added Services individually, each Value-Added Service will cost $2.18 per month. Therefore, you will save $3.81 per month if you subscribe to the Value Bundle instead.