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Maintenance FAQ

Fibre Broadband Unplanned Signal Shutdown or Maintenance

How long does it take to resolve an outage?

The time taken to resolve an outage may differ on a case to case basis. However, please be assured that our engineers are working to restore the service as soon as possible.

Fibre Broadband Planned Signal Shutdown or Maintenance

Why are there planned signal shutdowns/maintenances?

The planned signal shutdowns/maintenances happen for a variety of reasons. In most cases, they are related to third party requirements like network maintenance or enbloc cable diversion.

Why do you need 8 hours for the signal shutdown/maintenance?

An approximate duration of 8 hours is required as these activities usually involve major construction works such as excavation and digging of roads. The full 8 hours may not be required, depending on the level of work involved.

Why must the signal shutdown/maintenance be carried out on weekdays?

As most of the maintenances/shutdowns affect residential homes, the intent is to carry them out during weekdays when most people are at work or school.

Why wasn't I informed of this?

For HDB home owners, a notification letter will be placed in your letterbox if the signal shutdown/maintenance is more than an hour. Notices will be placed at the lift lobbies if otherwise.

For landed home owners, a notification letter will be placed in your letterbox.

For condominium home owners, you will find notices placed at the lift lobbies.