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What is SmartBuddy plan?

SmartBuddy is a mobile plan design to cater to the Visually or Hearing impaired customers or Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) concession card holder.

How is SmartBuddy plan different from normal plans?

In recognising the special needs of the visually or hearing impaired customers, we are providing more bundled usage at 500 voice minutes, 5000 SMS and 6GB data while reducing the monthly subscription cost to $27.82/month. In addition, we also charge less on the excess data usage at a low $2.18/GB and cap at $21.80/month.

What is the monthly subscription price for SmartBuddy?

The promotional price is $27.10 per month, after 30% discount off usual price of $38.72 per month, for a period of 2 years. Promotion is renewable after showing valid pass.

Can I enjoy subsidized handset promotion with SmartBuddy plan?

Yes, you will enjoy subsidized handset promotions with a 2-year SmartBuddy plan. For more information, refer to

Can I subscribe to SmartBuddy mobile plan without contract?

Yes, you can enjoy the same promotional price at $27.10 per month for 2-years, by showing valid pass.

Where can I subscribe to SmartBuddy plans?

You can subscribe at any of our StarHub shops.

I am your existing StarHub subscriber. Can I change to SmartBuddy plan?

Yes, you can change to SmartBuddy plan if you do not have existing contract on your mobile plan. There will be a downgrade fee, if you are in contract and downgrade from a higher tiered mobile plan, such as XL Plan, SmartSurf Elite or PowerValue 700 mobile plans.

Is SmartBuddy plan 4G or LTE enabled?

Yes, SmartBuddy plan is 4G LTE with data theoretical speed of up to 300Mbps.

Who can sign up for SmartBuddy plan?

Registered members with the following associations can apply for SmartBuddy

  • Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH)
  • The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf)
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) Concession card holders

I am blind/deaf with doctor’s certification letter, can I apply for SmartBuddy plan?

No. StarHub will only accept SAVH and SADeaf’s membership card. Customer can approach the association to apply for the membership with doctor’s certification letter.

How many SmartBuddy mobile lines can I apply?

Each hearing or visually impaired individual and/or PWDs concession card holder is entitled to maximum 1 SmartBuddy mobile line.

Can I add Value Added Services to SmartBuddy plan?

Yes, you can add Value Added Services such as Caller Number Display ($5.45/month), International Roaming ($10/month) (zero rated GST), etc, at usual monthly subscription rate. However, Shareplus VAS is not applicable for SmartBuddy plan.

Can I enjoy Hub Club discount with SmartBuddy?

SmartBuddy mobile line will be eligible for Hub Club membership but not eligible for Hub Club discount.