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HD Voice

What is HD Voice?

HD Voice, or High Definition Voice, is the latest technology which improves speech clarity and reduces background noise, significantly enhancing customers’ mobile call experience.

How do I start enjoying HD Voice?

To enjoy the benefits of HD Voice calls, both the calling and receiving parties need to be StarHub Mobile subscribers and using HD Voice capable handsets.

Will there be a display on the screen of my handset to indicate that I am making a HD Voice call?

There is no dedicated on-screen symbol to indicate whether you are in a HD Voice call or not. However, you would be able to clearly tell the improvement in voice call quality when HD Voice is active.

Would there be a subscription fee for HD Voice?

No, HD Voice is available at no additional charge.

Is mobile data required for HD Voice calls?

No, HD Voice does not utilise any mobile data.

Can I use HD Voice on my SmartSurf SharePlus line?

Yes, HD Voice is available on SmartSurf SharePlus Main and dependent lines.

Can I make HD Voice calls while roaming overseas?

No. Currently, customers can enjoy HD Voice when they make local voice calls.

When will HD Voice be enabled for IDD voice calls?

No. Currently, customers can enjoy HD Voice for local voice calls.