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Welcome Plan

What is the Welcome Plan offer all about?

The Welcome Plan is a free mobile line that you can enjoy when you sign up for or recontract one of our selected services. It comes with 1GB of local data and 50 minutes for outgoing calls for 24 months.

The SIM card for the Welcome Plan is also free and no activation fee is required.

How can I get a Welcome Plan?

Sign up or recontract to any of the following services to get a Welcome Plan.

StarHub Service

Sales Channel

StarHub shops

Telesales (1630)

Online Store

4G SIM-only 1-year Plans ($25)
4G SIM-only No Contract ($25)

Mobile+ SIM-only 1-year Plans ($38)

Mobile+ SIM-only 1-year Plans ($45)




Mobile+ 2-year Plans ($69/$99/$129/$169)




2-year Broadband Plans
2-year TV+ Plans




If you sign up or recontract via online store or telesales, the SIM card for the free Welcome Plan would be delivered to you. Delivery would be according to the schedule you choose.

If you sign up or recontract via shops, the SIM card would be issued to you at the point of sale.

How can I use this FREE Welcome Plan?

There are multiple ways you can use this free mobile plan which comes with 1GB and 50 mins talktime for 24 months.

It can be the first mobile line for your children or you can pass it on to your elderly parents if they do not currently have their own line.

You can also power up your tablets and stay connected on the go with this mobile line.

What’s more, you can customise the mobile plan with our affordable add-ons. No contract, no registration fees.

Is this offer available for customers on the Corporate Individual Schemes (CIS)?

Yes, CIS customers can enjoy this offer too!

Do I have to pay for the SIM Card and Caller Number Display subscription?

Not to worry, the SIM Card is free-of-charge.

If you have signed up from 6 Nov 2021, Caller Number Display will be chargeable at $5.45 per month. Simply add on Caller Number Display via StarHub App.

Can I add on more services for this FREE Welcome Plan?

Yes, the Welcome Plan allows you to add more data or minutes just like any of our mobile plans. It's also hassle-free using StarHub App! Simply log in with your Hub iD and from the homepage, choose the account/mobile plan you wish to update. Next, you may select from the available value-added services (i.e. 10GB Data Upsize, Unlimited Weekend, Unlimited Chat, Social and Video add-ons) to activate and add to your Welcome Plan.

Can I activate roaming service for my Welcome Plan?

Yes, you can activate roaming service for your Welcome Plan. For more information on roaming, click here.

How much will I be charged when my FREE Welcome Plan expires on th 24th month?

From the 25th month onward, the Welcome Plan will have a monthly subscription fee of $8.15. The free plan cannot be extended.

I do not wish to be charged after 24 months, what can I do?

We encourage you to check out our attractive promotions and continue to stay with us. You can also choose to terminate FREE Welcome Plan if you wish to. There will be no termination charges.

Can I change my existing mobile line to this FREE 1GB Welcome Plan?

A new mobile number will be issued with every FREE Welcome Plan that is applicable to you. We are unable to convert an existing mobile line to the FREE Welcome Plan.

Can I port in my existing mobile line to StarHub to this FREE Welcome Plan?

Yes, you can! Simply request for a number port-in at the point of sign-up to retain your mobile number from another service provider.

Would there be charges if I exceed the 1GB data bundle and/or 50 outgoing minutes?

Yes, excess charges will apply. For details, please visit here.

Two SIM cards were delivered to me. How do I determine which is the SIM card for my subscribed mobile plan, and which is the SIM card for the FREE Welcome Plan?

The mobile number will be printed on the packaging of the SIM card. To find out what is the mobile number under the FREE Welcome Plan, please refer to your Service Agreement, confirmation email or StarHub App.

Can I change my FREE Welcome Plan to other mobile plans?

Yes! You can recontract your FREE Welcome Plan to any of our mobile plans via our Online Store or head down to any StarHub Shop.

What do I need to do to cancel my FREE Welcome Plan?

Please reach out to us via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and our customer service team will assist you with the termination.