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IMDA Mobile Access for Seniors Plan

Who can sign up for the IMDA Mobile Access for Seniors Plan?

Until 30 November 2022, eligible applicants identified by IMDA will be able to sign up for this plan. Read more about eligibility and the application process here.

Why am I receiving this SMS?

You have signed up for IMDA Mobile Access plans to enjoy 8GB, 350 mins and 200 SMS at a subsidized rate of $5.10/month for 12 months. Just letting you know - as your contract will be ending, your entitlements have been extended for another 12 months!

What happens to my bill?

Don’t fret! Your bill remains the same at a subsidized rate of $5.10/month with the same entitlements.

What do I do if I do not wish to extend my mobile entitlements for another 12 months?

Prefer not to extend your mobile contract? Stay home, stay safe and reach out to our Customer Service team digitally via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp at least 1 month before your contract is up. You may also call 1633 for assistance.