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About Wireless Broadband

What is wireless broadband and what are the benefits?

Note: Additional equipment such as a wireless PCMCIA card may be required in order to access the wireless broadband.

Customers can surf the Internet on wireless connection at their convenience - in the office (through their own office WLAN), at home (through their own home wireless networking solution) or at major public wireless hubs and hotspots around Singapore. With wireless broadband, you can shop online, send emails, chat with friends on the Internet, and do many Internet-related activities at any location within the wireless-enabled environment.

Key Benefits:

1. Convenience and Flexibility

With your laptop/PDA and a wireless network interface card (NIC), you can experience fast Internet surfing at any wireless location. This allows you the flexibility to connect to the Internet without being constrained by wires and a fixed physical location.

2. Increase Productivity at Broadband Speeds

Increase your productivity by accessing the Internet at broadband speeds during off-site meetings, seminars, conventions, exhibitions and even during your coffee break at locations that are wirelessly-enabled.

What is the coverage for StarHub Wireless Broadband access?

StarHub offers hotspots in popular places - Changi Airport, Suntec City and Singapore Expo. For a full list of local hotspots, click here.

To pave the way towards worldwide wireless broadband connectivity, StarHub initiated the establishment of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA). Hence customers will be able to get connected even when they are overseas at any hotspots under the Wireless Broadband Alliance partnership.

For a full list of overseas hotspots under the Wireless Broadband Alliance partnership, click here.