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About JuniorProtect

What is JuniorProtect Basic?

JuniorProtect Basic is an add-on that helps safeguard your child's mobile and digital world, available for all StarHub mobile postpaid and home broadband customers.

What are the benefits and features of JuniorProtect Basic?

JuniorProtect Basic blocks pornography, gore, and other adult content on your devices. You can also add your own blocked/allowed sites.

How much is the monthly subscription fee for JuniorProtect Basic?

The monthly subscription fee for JuniorProtect Basic is $2.73 per mobile or broadband service.

How do I sign up or subscribe my child for JuniorProtect?

You can log in to StarHub's My Account or StarHub App to subscribe now. Once you have subscribed JuniorProtect for your child, your child will be safeguarded against harmful and undesirable websites.

You can log in to StarHub App or My Account to subscribe to JuniorProtect Basic.

StarHub App (Mobile customers)

  • Log in and go to “Mobile”.
  • Select the mobile number you want to have JuniorProtect.
  • Tap “Add-ons” and select “Parental control”.
  • Tap “Subscribe now”

My Account (Mobile and broadband customers)

  • Log in and go to “My Services”.
  • Go to the Mobile” or “Broadband tab. Scroll down and click “View & manage”.
  • Go to “My Value-Added Services” and click “Modify”.
  • Scroll down to the “Add More Value-Added Services” section and choose “Parental control VASes”
  • Click “Add service” for JuniorProtect Basic and submit.

Once you have subscribed to JuniorProtect Basic for your child, they will be safeguarded against harmful and undesirable websites.

Can I unsubscribe JuniorProtect anytime?

Yes. To unsubscribe from JuniorProtect Basic. Please refer to the following steps:

For Mobile customers:

Go to StarHub App

  • Log in and go to “Mobile”.
  • Select the mobile number with JuniorProtect.
  • Tap “Add-ons” and select “Parental control”.
  • Tap “Manage”.

For Mobile and Broadband customers:

Go to My Account

  • Log in and go to “My Services”.
  • Go to the Mobile or Broadband tab. Scroll down and click “View & manage”.
  • Go to My Value-Added Services and click “Modify”.
  • Scroll down to the “Add More Value-Added Services” section and choose “Parental control VASes”.
  • You will be able to manage JuniorProtect Basic.

In the event of service transfer of ownership, will JuniorProtect Basic be transferred over?

No, JuniorProtect Basic will be terminated upon any transfer of ownership to comply with personal data protection policy.


Who can subscribe to JuniorProtect Basic?

All StarHub Postpaid mobile customers can subscribe their children to JuniorProtect Basic as long as their mobile service is active.

For broadband, all customers currently subscribed to StarHub Broadband can subscribe to JuniorProtect Basic. JuniorProtect automatically protects every device connected to your broadband from undesirable and inappropriate websites.

Do I need a new SIM card to subscribe JuniorProtect Basic?

A new SIM card is not needed to subscribe to JuniorProtect Basic.

Can I subscribe JuniorProtect Basic for my child who is using StarHub prepaid?

No, currently JuniorProtect is not supported for StarHub prepaid SIM cards. Parents can consider subscribing to StarHub SIM Only plan for their child.

JuniorProtect Plus

Why is JuniorProtect Plus no longer available?

As part of our efforts to streamline our offerings, JuniorProtect Plus will no longer be available for new sign-ups from 1 March 2023, and the service will be discontinued from 31 March 2023.

I’m currently subscribed to JuniorProtect Basic. Will the discontinuation of JuniorProtect Plus affect me?

Rest assured your JuniorProtect Basic subscription will continue as usual.

I’m currently subscribed to JuniorProtect Plus. What will happen to my subscription after 31 March 2023?

Your subscription to JuniorProtect Plus will be automatically converted to JuniorProtect Basic from 31 March 2023. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time.

Your JuniorProtect Plus and JuniorProtect Basic subscription charges will be prorated, and depending on your billing cycle, you may see adjustments on your next bill.

As a JuniorProtect Plus user, why is my subscription converted to JuniorProtect Basic instead of being terminated?

Converting your JuniorProtect Plus subscription to JuniorProtect Basic ensures that users/children will continue to be protected from accessing prohibited content through web content filtering.

JuniorProtect Basic costs $2.73 per month and will be pro-rated according to your bill cycle. You can unsubscribe from the service at any time.

Is there an alternative service that I can subscribe to that’s similar to JuniorProtect Plus?

If you have an active JuniorProtect Plus subscription, don’t worry, we’ll convert your subscription to JuniorProtect Basic.

Did you know? StarHub’s CyberProtect is an alternative device protection service for your cyber security needs. Find out more on CyberProtect here.

How JuniorProtect Works

How does content filters on JuniorProtect work?

Once subscribed to the service, every time the child accesses the Internet, the website or URL that the child is accessing will be checked for compliance with the access rules that have been set by the Parent via the JuniorProtect Web Portal.

The child will encounter a 'Blocked Page' with message indicating the website is blocked if the attempted site falls under any of the blocked content categories / URLs. Upon successful JuniorProtect activation, parents can determine access to Internet content under 15 categories below.



Adult Content

Sites containing explicit sexual and offensive content


Sites containing matchmaking and dating sites

Drugs and Alcohol

Sites containing information on alcohol, substance and drug abuse

Gambling & Cheating

Sites containing gambling, betting and other unethical practices like cheating and plagiarism

Hate & Intolerance

Sites containing material on discrimination based on a variety of unethical reasons and alternative religious practices like cults

Internet Security Threats

Sites containing information on ways to commit cyber crime and cyber fraud

Violence & Weapons

Sites containing graphically violent content and images and promotes the use of firearms


Sites containing information on gaming and cheat codes

Social Networks, Chats & Blogs

Sites containing a variety of social media including sites that promote interpersonal relationships, chatting and sharing of personal information

Streaming Media & Downloads

Sites containing streaming content such as videos, songs and other media download sites

Entertainment & Recreation

Sites containing artistic content from instituitions such as museums, dance and photographic studios. Also include information on recreational activities for the family

Forums & Newsgroups

Sites containing current affairs updates and forum discussions

Politics & Government

Sites containing information on political parties and their activities. Also includes information on govermental and military organizations


Sites containing information on religious beliefs and place of worship

Health & Medicine

Sites containing health and medical information

How does StarHub decide which websites to block with JuniorProtect Basic?

The content categorisation on JuniorProtect is managed by StarHub's trusted partner, a professional software company which analyses websites on the Internet and maintain the database regularly.

Any websites that fall under these category filters will be blocked. Like all other filtering service, no filtering service is 100% accurate. The service may not block access to all unwanted or undesirable websites and StarHub makes no warranty of filtering accuracy. Please note that this service is not a substitute for adult supervision.

How do I know which are the pre-selected content categories which are blocked for my child?

The blocked categories are listed when you log on to JuniorProtect web portal using your Hub iD. You can also choose the "Customize" option to manage the preferred categories to be blocked.

How are default categories set for each child?

You can select from two pre-defined filters – 'Juniors' and 'Teens'.

The recommended default categories for Juniors (age 7-12) are adult content, violence & weapon, drugs & alcohol, dating, gambling & cheating, and internet security threats.

The recommended default categories for Teens (age 13-16) are adult content, violence & weapon, and drugs & alcohol.You can also customize your own filters anytime by selecting or de-selecting the categories and the category filter will be set to 'Custom'.

Remember to click 'Save Settings' for changes to take effect.

How do I block a specific website?

If you have a specific website/URL to block or unblock, you can also add them into the 'Restricted Websites' or 'Allowed Websites' list respectively.

Once a website/URL is added to the 'Restricted Websites', you will not be able to access the website. This is even if the content categorisation for the particular website is not selected.

For example, if you have chosen not to select 'Social Network, Chat & Blogs' from the restricted categories but add '' to 'Restricted Websites', you will not be able to access the site. Other social networking/chat sites such as will remain accessible.

Please note that regional and alternative domain names have to be specifically added. For instance, if is entered into 'Restricted Websites', only will be blocked. and for instance will still remain accessible.

Once a website/URL is added to the 'Restricted Websites', you will not be able to access the website even if the content categorization for of this particular website is not selected.

For example, if you add '' to the ‘Restricted Websites’ and have not selected to block the 'Social Network, Chat & Blogs' category, you will not be able to access but other social networking/chat sites will remain accessible.

How do I unblock a specific website?

You can allow access to a certain website even if you have selected to block the category of content. To do so, add the website/URL in "Allowed Websites".

How effective is the filtering process?

The World Wide Web is a dynamic space with new website/content created every second. StarHub has engaged a professional company which analyses websites on the internet and regularly maintain the database. Parents can always add URL of additional websites to "Restricted Websites" list on JuniorProtect web portal.

Parents should take note that the service is not a replacement for parental supervision.

Does JuniorProtect works overseas? Will my child be protected by JuniorProtect while roaming?

Yes, if the child is roaming on StarHub network. Note that usual data roaming charges will apply for data usage overseas.

Can JuniorProtect block access to Mobile Apps?

JuniorProtect does not block access to Mobile Apps on your devices. However, content that requires Internet to be updated within the app will be restricted. Please note that the service settings may take longer to take effect depending on the cache settings of each App.

Can JuniorProtect block https websites?

Yes, the service will block https websites. However, instead of the JuniorProtect page for parent access, child may encounter connection error page due to security reasons.

Does the service works if my child’s mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi?

JuniorProtect content filtering service and parent access services only work if your child's mobile device is accessing the Internet using mobile/broadband service activated with JuniorProtect Mobile / Broadband.

As such, if your child is accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi, content filtering will not work unless the Home broadband connection is activated with JuniorProtect Broadband.

What is Parent Access service?

Parent Access when enabled allows parents to bypass the JuniorProtect blocked page and continue surfing or accessing the intended website.

How do I set the Parent Access password?
  • Log in to the JuniorProtect portal using your Hub iD
  • Select the Mobile / Broadband service subscribed to JuniorProtect
  • Go to Account Settings tab
  • Toggle 'On' Parent access
  • Click on 'Set your password' and click Save

When and where do I use the Parent Access password?

Whenever you encounter the JuniorProtect blocked page while surfing the Internet, simply enter the Parent Access password in the field provided and press enter to continue.

The parent access password will expire after 30 minutes; which means the website will only be accessible for 30 minutes before the blocked page is shown again.

It is advisable that parents do not share or reveal this password with your child.