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Cantonese Pack FAQ

What is Cantonese Pack?

Cantonese Pack is an add-on subscription for TVB Jade (Ch 838) and Hub Cantonese VOD (Ch 839 for Fibre TV or Under TV Shows for StarHub TV+). It offers the latest TVB programmes in Cantonese, as well as variety and infotainment TV programmes, all in high-definition quality.

Cantonese Pack also comes with complimentary access to TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone for viewers to enjoy 24/7 unlimited access to over 40,000 hours of TVB content!

Who can subscribe to Cantonese Pack?

Cantonese Pack is available for both StarHub Entertainment Pass and StarHub TV+ subscribers.

How much is the subscription fee for Cantonese Pack?

The subscription fee for Cantonese Pack is $5/month.

How do I subscribe to Cantonese Pack?

Simply sign up for any TV+ pass and add on Cantonese Pack at point of subscription or just go to StarHub App to add to your existing TV+ subscription.

To subscribe via StarHub App:

  • Log in and go to “TV”
  • Tap “Modify” on “My passes & add-ons"
  • Add Cantonese Pack

Does the Cantonese Pack subscription come with a contract?

There is no contract to the Cantonese Pack as this is an add-on pack.

How do I manage my Cantonese Pack if I’m an existing subscriber?

You can go to StarHub App to manage your subscription.

  • Log in and go to “TV”
  • Tap “Modify” on “My passes & add-ons"
  • Choose Cantonese Pack
Can I maintain Cantonese Pack without TVBAnywhere+ app?

The TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone is a complimentary access bundled as part of the Cantonese Pack. Your monthly subscription will remain at $5/month if you choose not to use the TVBAnywhere+ app.

Complimentary Access to TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone

What is TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone?

TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone offers 24/7 unlimited access to over 40,000 hours of TVB content! Catch the latest TVB drama episodes available within an hour after the Hong Kong broadcast, plus a large library of classic TVB dramas available on-demand.

I’m currently subscribed to Cantonese Pack. When can I start accessing TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone?

Your Cantonese Pack comes with complimentary TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone access. You should have received an SMS or email notification informing you that your access has been enabled. If you’re unable to activate your TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone access, please reach out to us by sending us a message on Facebook or WhatsApp.

How do I activate my access and watch shows on TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone?

[The steps to activate your complimentary access will be available from 1 April 2023.]

To activate your complimentary TVBAnywhere+ app access:

1. Download the TVBAnywhere+ app from Google Play Store or App Store or launch the TVBAnywhere+ app.

2. If you have an existing TVB account, skip to step 4. For new users, accept the Terms of Use to proceed.

3. Click on “Watch Now”.

4. Click on the “Me” icon.

5. If you have an existing TVB account, select “Subscription” and skip to step 9. For new users, scroll down and click “Login” to proceed.

6. Sign up as a TVB member.

7. Select “Know More” on the prompt.

8. Scroll down and select “Subscribe Now”.

9. Scroll down and select “Link with StarHub Hub iD”.

10. Sign in with your Hub iD (email address) and password and click “Login”.

Your TVB account is now linked with your Hub iD, and you can click on any show to watch it.

How long can I have access to TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone?

You can access TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone as long as you have an active Cantonese Pack subscription.