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Typical Broadband Speed FAQ

What is the IDA typical speed initiative about?

It is an IDA initiative to provide consumers additional information about the quality of their broadband connections and to increase awareness about the broadband quality in accessing content and services over the Internet.

What is Typical Speed Range?

Typical Speed Range refers to a range of download speeds that a user is likely to experience during his wired broadband Internet access. Your experience in the download speed will vary as there are many factors that can affect your download speed. Should you experience download speed that is below the lower bound of the Typical Speed Range most of the time, you may contact StarHub to assist you.

Find out more about the Typical Speed Range of our broadband plans here.

How did StarHub derive these readings?

StarHub simulates the typical end user connection by using integrated hardware and software test client to generate Internet Traffic requests to Internet servers. The measurement collects the connection speed between the test clients, the StarHub’s network, and selected destinations. The measurement process is designed to ensure automatic and consistent monitoring throughout the measurement period.

Are these tests conducted on WIRED or WIRELESS connection?

All tests are conducted on wired connection. Please refer to Typical Broadband Speed for more info.

Does this mean that I will be guaranteed this range of speed when I sign up for StarHub Broadband services?

Your actual experience via wired connection should be within the range most of the time. There may be instances where speed can still fall outside the Typical Speed Range. Should you experience speed slower than our Typical Speed Range most of the time, you can contact our Customer Service for assistance.

Why are the results taken from 3rd party speed test meter may sometimes differ from those that StarHub published?

Different speed test engine may use different configuration and test condition. Hence the measurement methodology may differ from different speed test meter.

Does this mean that for every website or download activity that I perform, I will be guaranteed these speeds?

Internet is a global system of networks. RSPs, including StarHub, have limited or no control on the servers and networks in the world. Hence quality of connection and speed are not guaranteed.

Is result based on peak or off-peak period?

The results are based on 24 hours daily measurements gathered over time and over different parts of Singapore.

Will StarHub review and update the speed measurement frequently?

StarHub will review the speed measurements on a quarterly basis and update any changes on our communication accordingly.