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iQIYI Step-by-Step Guide

For customers who wish to watch on iQIYI app or web:

  1. Download the iQIYI app or visit
  2. Log in with the login details you have set when you signed up for iQIYI service.

For customers who wish to watch on StarHub TV+ Box:

  1. iQIYI app is pre-installed in your StarHub TV+ box.
  2. Launch the app and pair your iQIYI account to start watching.

How to access iQIYI on app or web

Step 1

Launch iQIYI app or visit Click on My Account and log in.

Access iQiyi - Step 1

Step 2

Select the StarHub icon.

Access iQiyi - Step 2

Step 3

Sign in with your Hub iD.

Access iQiyi - Step 3

Step 4

Input your Date of Birth. (Please note that you must be at least 13 years of age to register for iQIYI app).

Access iQiyi - Step 4

Step 5

Input your Mobile Number.

Access iQiyi - Step 5

A 6 digit verification code will be sent to your Mobile Number. Input the 6 digit code.

Access iQiyi - Step 5.1

Step 6

Your account is set up and ready to start watching.

Access iQiyi - Step 6

How to access iQIYI on StarHub TV+ Box

Please follow the steps in Q1 above to first set up your account via the iQIYI app on your mobile phone, before logging in to iQIYI on your StarHub TV+ Box.

Step 1

Click on iQIYI under Featured Apps.

Access iQiyi SHTVBox - Step 1

Step 2

Click on My Account from the left menu bar.

Access iQiyi SHTVBox - Step 2

Step 3

Launch and login to iQIYI app on your mobile phone. Under My Account, use the Scan feature to scan the QR code on your TV screen to authorize login.

Access iQiyi SHTVBox - Step 3

Step 4

Click on Authorize login.

Access iQiyi SHTVBox - Step 4 New

Step 5

Syncing of account on StarHub TV+ Box is completed.

Access iQiyi SHTVBox - Step 5