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Digital Voice Home – IDD

What do I have to do to bar the IDD service on my Digital Voice Home service?

You may consider taking up our Call-Barring Value-Added Service, which is available at a monthly subscription of just $2.18 per month. With Call-barring, customers will have the flexibility and control to bar and un-bar IDD calls according to their requirements.

I am currently under 21 years of age, and would like to have IDD available on my Digital Voice Home service. What do I have to do?

You will have to get a guarantor who is above 21 years of age to sign the IDD guarantee form to activate IDD service on your Digital Voice Home line. Please note that this means that your guarantor is also liable for any charges incurred.

What is the cost of the IDD service?

The IDD call charges differ across countries and calling codes. Please refer to the International Telephone Service guide provided in your install kit for more information. Alternatively, you can visit for the latest update.

Will I qualify for StarHub IDD rewards with my IDD usage on Digital Voice Home service?

As a Digital Voice Home subscriber, you are entitled to exclusive IDD 018 Hubber Rates to selected popular destinations. As such, your IDD usage on Digital Voice Home services will not qualify for the StarHub IDD rewards programme.