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Fibre TV

What is Fibre TV about?

Fibre TV is StarHub's latest TV service which is delivered via a new fibre platform. This new fibre platform rides on the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN), delivering the full suite of StarHub TV services via Fibre Broadband to all fibre-ready households.

With this new delivery platform, all fibre-ready households can enjoy the full suite of StarHub TV services.

What are the channels available on Fibre TV?

How can I find out the fibre status of my household?

The detailed rollout schedule and plans of fibre installation are available on NetLink Trust website. You can check your rollout schedule (on quarterly basis) by entering your postal code at the following link:

Where can I get more information on NGNBN?

The following links will be useful to get additional and up-to-date information on NGNBN:

NetLink Trust Website:

Nucleus Connect Website:

Will the Fibre Broadband usage affect my TV viewing experience?

StarHub will manage the quality of service from our network to the customer’s home for both TV and broadband services. We will ensure a quality viewing experience is delivered to our customers.

Each set-top box has a dedicated bandwidth and will not be affected by the broadband usage.

Will the delivery of Fibre TV affect the bandwidth of StarHub Fibre Broadband?

Each set-top box on Fibre TV is allocated with sufficient and dedicated bandwidth to ensure quality of service. In our networks, the dedicated bandwidth is added on top of your existing StarHub Fibre Broadband and will not affect the typical surfing speed of StarHub Fibre Broadband.

However, there may be other equipment which you use, which may have bandwidth limitation and such equipment may affect your experience and use of Fibre TV and StarHub Fibre Broadband. If any of your equipment (e.g. router, ONT etc) has such a bandwidth limitation, Fibre TV will be given the priority in bandwidth and you may experience some difference in your use of the StarHub Fibre Broadband service (e.g. surfing of websites).

What is the maximum number of set-top boxes I can subscribe to for Fibre TV?

Each Fibre TV subscription will support a maximum of 4 set-top boxes.

I would like to sign up for more than 4 set-top boxes. How can I do so?

Due to the limitation of dedicated bandwidth per account, each subscription account can sign up to a maximum of 4 set-top boxes per fibre subscription. You may want to consider taking up an additional StarHub Fibre Broadband subscription and Fibre TV subscription if you require more than 4 set-top boxes.

What do I need to be eligible for Fibre TV?

In order to enjoy Fibre TV, subscription to StarHub Fibre Broadband and the relevant HomeHub plan and set-top box would be required.

Will I be able to record my favourite programmes?

Smart TV recording service will be available with a type-approved Digital Video Storage Device. Subscription to Smart TV service at $5.09/month is required.

You will be able to purchase external HDD models from selected StarHub shops. Please note that the external HDD used for recording will be paired to your subscription account, and recordings will not be lost when you swap boxes.

For more details, please visit

How do I measure / know that my TP / VeONT is within 2 metres from my TV?

You can measure the distance from your TP / VeONT to your TV location (wall-to-wall) as illustrated below:

TP point

My TP and/or VeONT is not within 2 metres from my TV. Can I sign up to Fibre TV?

It is recommended that the TP and/or VeONT are situated within 2 metres from your TV. Structured cabling services are available to you if your TP and/or VeONT is situated too far from your TV set.

Will I be charged for the additional cabling/ trunking?

Additional cabling/trunking charges are $109.00 per point.

I am an existing Fibre Broadband subscriber from another Service Provider; can I sign up for Fibre TV service?

Yes, however, in order to enjoy Fibre TV, StarHub Fibre Broadband service is required as Fibre Broadband services from other operators are not supported. Hence, you will be required to sign up for StarHub Fibre Broadband service to enjoy Fibre TV.

If my StarHub Fibre Broadband service is suspended, will it affect my viewing of Fibre TV?

No, your Fibre TV service will not be disrupted as the suspension is tied to a particular service in your account.

What do I do when I encounter technical issues with Fibre TV? Is there a troubleshooting hotline?

For any technical issues, kindly contact our technical helpdesk at 1633.

How can I sign up for Fibre TV?

You may call our hotline at 1630 or log on to to sign up for Fibre Broadband and Fibre TV with our HomeHub Plans.

I am an existing StarHub Fibre Broadband customer; can I sign up for Fibre TV?

Yes, you may sign up to Fibre TV by upgrading to HomeHub if you are out-of-contract or eligible for early recontract.

I don't want to sign up for HomeHub plan. Can I just take up the Fibre TV service only?

Yes, you may sign up to Fibre TV and Fibre Broadband plans individually.

I am an existing Fibre TV customer and plan to move to a new house. What do I need to do?

How to Relocate to a new address:

  • Check if your new home is fibre-ready
  • Contact us at 1633
  • We'll call you within 48 hours to arrange a date for your service installation
  • Be present at home for the service installation


  • Relocation charges may apply.
  • Your new home must be fibre-ready and have an existing fibre termination point.
  • Both your Fibre Broadband and Fibre TV have to be relocated together.
  • Kindly provide StarHub with minimally 2 weeks advance notice.

I am an existing Fibre TV customer and plan to renovate my house. Do I need to terminate my Fibre TV service?

You may want to consider temporarily suspending your TV services while renovation is ongoing. Voluntary suspension is allowed for a maximum of 6 months. Fees and conditions apply.

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