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Don’t miss out on the latest shows:

Takdir Yang Tertulis

Takdir Yang Tertulis
Premieres 26 May, every Mon – Fri, 9pm
Hub Sensasi Ch 123

Sekali Lagi

Sekali Lagi
Premieres Sat, 29 May, 10pm
Hub Sensasi Ch 123


Gadis Penarik

Gadis Penarik Bajaj Yang Selalu Menyembunyikan Sedekahnya
Wed, 13 May, 6:05pm
Citra Entertainment Ch 115


Bucin Akut

Bucin Akut, Diporotin Pacar Tapi Tetap Cinta
Available now
Pawagam Indonesia Ch 119


House on Wheels 2

House on Wheels 2
Every Wed, 10:30pm
tvN Ch 824

Sell Your Haunted House

Sell Your Haunted House
Every Thu & Fri, 9:10pm
KBS World Ch 815


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