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Watch everything from top-rated Tagalog programmes to Filipino rom-coms with Filipino+. With so much to choose from, Filipino TV has never been better! Watch on any screen, and on multiple devices.



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  • Watch anytime, anywhere, on any device via StarHub TV+ app
  • Top-rated drama series, variety shows and movies in Tagalog
  • Around the clock news and lifestyle shows from the Philippines
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StarHub Broadband with a StarHub Smart WiFi or a wired connection to Linksys EA8100/EA7500 router are required to access Free-to-air channels.




  • Top up $10/month for 12-month contract or $20/month for no contract at point of sign up.
  • Freedom to switch between 6 Passes from the 2nd month onwards and once per month.
  • 12-month commitment applies for StarHub TV+ box.
  • Also applicable for non-StarHub Fibre Broadband customers.
  • StarHub Broadband with a StarHub Smart WiFi (Nokia WiFi Beacon 1) or a wired connection to Linksys EA8100/EA7500 router are required to access Free-to-air channels on your StarHub TV+ box.
  • The channels listed may be subject to changes.


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Don’t miss out on the latest Filipino movies, dramas, and more:

Oh My Dad

Oh My Dad
The Filipino Channel Ch 144
Every Sat, 7pm



Cinema One Global Ch 145
Sun, 13 Jun, 6pm

Endless Love

Endless Love 
GMA Pinoy TV Ch 146
Mon - Fri, 1:30pm 

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