Service Related Charges (include GST)
Installation $54.50 for the first StarHub TV+ box
$16.35 for each subsequent StarHub TV+ box on the same trip at the same service address
(Not applicable to Box Swap/Remote Controls)
$13.08 per trip to the same service address
Set-top Box  For StarHub TV (3 Basic Groups)
$6.54/month per Fibre TV set-top box rental
$10.90/month for additional content screen

For StarHub Entertainment Pass
$15.18/month per Fibre TV set-top box rental (first box free)
$109.00 per data point installation for additional set-top box
$37.69 per IP switch for additional set-top box

For StarHub TV+ Pass
$6.01/month per StarHub TV+ box rental
$15.18/month per StarHub TV+ Pro rental
12-month commitment applies if your rental start date is before 1 July 2022.

Voluntary Suspension (Non-prorated) $16.35 per month (Up to 6 months)
Reconnection $16.35 per reactivation of the service
Fibre Terminal Point Installation/ Relocation/Repair and Replacement/Removal $163.50 (Condo or HDB)
$294.30 (Landed)
Service/Equipment Deposit
(Applicable only to non-Singaporeans and non-Permanent Residents)
Loss of Equipment $327.00 per Fibre TV set-top box
$203.74 per StarHub TV+ Box
$407.48 per StarHub TV+ Pro
$16.35 per Power Adaptor/Remote Control
Damage of Equipment $32.70 per Fibre TV set-top for minor damage
$30.56 per StarHub TV+ Box for minor damage 
$61.12 per StarHub TV+ Pro for minor damage
Change of Equipment $10.90 per request for change or upgrade of equipment
Administration  $10.90 per request to change the Service plan/package
(e.g. downgrade, upgrade or swapping of StarHub TV+ channels)
$21.80 per request to transfer customer account
$5.45 per request for reprint of invoice
$32.70 per request for documentation proof
Late Payment $5.45 for every 30 days of outstanding payment
Service Call Charge
$13.08 transportation fee will be charged for each service call
$41.42 for first set-top box and $16.35 for subsequent set-top box on the same trip at the same service address for each service call if the defect or fault relating to the service is not caused by the Network or Equipment

Onsite Survey $54.50 (waived if installation is successful)


  • Rates are correct at time of printing and subject to change.
  • StarHub reserves the right to change the rates from time to time without prior notice and adjust accordingly in the event of any revisions to the applicable GST rate by the relevant authority.
  • The rate for each Service Call applies if the defect or fault relating to the service is not caused by StarHub Network or Equipment.
  • Additional charges may be levied on other materials and services not listed above.
  • StarHub reserves the right to impose a charge on customers who have missed an appointment.
  • In the event of a dispute, a customer's entitlement is subject to the sole discretion and final determination of StarHub. The use of such services is also subject to StarHub's Terms and Conditions for General and Service Specific Terms & Conditions at StarHub's website
  • StarHub reserves the right to revise these Terms & Conditions (including price plans) at its discretion without prior notice. Use of StarHub TV+ services will constitute acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and the amendments thereof.
  • Prices quoted are inclusive of prevailing GST.

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