1. What is Digital Voice Home?

Digital Voice Home is StarHub’s telephone service delivered over broadband networks for residential customers.

2. What kind of calls can I make with Digital Voice Home?

You can make unlimited local calls to any fixed, or mobile telephone line with StarHub and other operators such as SingTel and Mobile One. StarHub customers can also make special rate IDD calls.

Customers who wish to use SingTel's IDD service (001, 013 and 019) and Mobile One's IDD service (002, 021) must first register with them. Generally, most of the services that are available over your existing SingTel fixed line are also available over Digital Voice Home.

3. Will I be able to call people who use other operators' fixed and mobile lines (e.g. SingTel)?

Yes, you will be able to call them.

4. What are golden and silver numbers?

Golden and silver numbers are telephone numbers with special sequences like "8888" (golden) and "2188" (silver). The rights to these golden and silver numbers vest in StarHub at all times. You may select a golden or silver number for use during your subscription to our Digital Voice Home service by paying the extra charges prescribed by StarHub from time to time.

Please call our Customer Care at 1633 for the prevailing rates. Upon your termination of our Digital Voice Home service, such golden and silver numbers will automatically be returned to StarHub without any reimbursement of the extra charges that have been paid for usage of such numbers. If you wish to use the same golden or silver number for a service provided by another service provider, please make the relevant arrangement (e.g. in a number of portability arrangement) with them before you terminate your Digital Voice Home service.

5. What do you mean by “One Number For Life"?

The Digital Voice Home number will be with you as long as your Digital Voice Home service remains active. You don't have to change telephone numbers each time you relocate. Once the service is terminated, you will not be able to get back the same Digital Voice Home number.

6. Can I retain my existing business fixed-line phone number if I subscribe to Digital Voice Home?

No, Digital Voice Home is only applicable for residential users. Before you apply for Digital Voice Home, please check that the fixed-line phone number you wish to retain is not registered under a business service with your current service provider.

7. Can I keep my existing SingTel number?

Yes. To retain your existing SingTel number, you can enjoy our FREE Number Retention Service.

8. What exactly is the Number Retention Service?

Number Retention is a number portability service that allows you to retain your existing fixed line phone number when you switch from other operators to StarHub. You can enjoy the benefits and superior service of Digital Voice Home without giving up your existing fixed-line phone number.

Please contact our Customer Care at 1633 if you wish to apply for this service. Upon application, we will arrange with the other operator to terminate your existing fixed-line service and transfer it to StarHub. The process would take at least 7 working days as time is required by the other operator to process the request. After the service is activated, your telephone number (from the other operator) will be shown as your Digital Voice Home Caller ID and will be the number reflected in the bills.

9. Is there a more convenient way for me to inform callers of my new Digital Voice Home number?

One possible solution is to subscribe to SingTel's Telemail service which allows your callers to leave voice messages. You can customise your Telemail greeting to inform them of your new Digital Voice Home number. Please contact SingTel at 1609 to find out about the charges for Telemail. Please note that you would need to keep your SingTel line active for the duration you wish to have the Telemail service.

10. Will there be any disruption to my existing telephone service while I am waiting for the Number Retention service to be activated by StarHub?

You should not experience any service disruption before the agreed service activation date/time. If you experience any disruption earlier than the activation date/time, please report the outage to your existing service provider as they are still in charge of your telephone service before its transfer to StarHub.

However, there will be a temporary service disruption on the agreed activation date/time during the line cutover.

11. Is Digital Voice Home available to business customers?

Digital Voice Home is currently available to residential customers only.

12. What equipment do I need to use Digital Voice Home?

Please refer to the Digital Voice Home equipment overview section found in the Digital Voice Home handbook.

You can purchase any of the equipment from StarHub or take up any of our promotions that come with the equipment.

13. I am a Digital Voice Home customer. Currently I am using the VeCM but I would like to use Wireless IAD/Residential Gateway instead. Can StarHub re-provision my Digital Voice Home line so that I can use the equipment of my choice?

Yes, you may change from using your VeCM to Wireless IAD/Residential Gateway, unless your existing Digital Voice Home number falls under the following number ranges.

Note: Customers who retained their SingTel number on the Digital Voice Home line should call our Customer Care hotline at 1633 to determine if they can change their VeCM to Wireless IAD/Residential Gateway.

6726 XXXX 6728 XXXX 6729 XXXX 6300 XXXX
6618 XXXX 6400 XXXX 6401 XXXX 6402 XXXX
6404 XXXX 6405 XXXX 6406 XXXX 6409 XXXX

14. Will my current telephone set work with Digital Voice Home?

Yes, most standard telephone sets, including cordless phones, should work with Digital Voice Home.

15. Does Digital Voice Home support pulse-dialling telephone sets?

No, Digital Voice Home does not support pulse-dialling phones. Pulse-dialling is usually found in older phone models, whereas most modern phones operate on tone dialling. Please check that the phone you intend to use with Digital Voice Home supports tone dialling.

16. Does Digital Voice Home support answering machines or similar devices?

Most answering machines should work. However, some models may have compatibility issues as Digital Voice Home is operating over a newer technology platform. Please refer to the equipment vendor for more information.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our Voicemail service. Please call our Customer Care at 1633 for more information.

17. Does Digital Voice Home work with home PABX and keyphone systems?

Generally, you should be able to use Digital Voice Home for most analogue home PABX/keyphones. Your equipment vendor should be able to advise you on the compatibility of your system. We would be glad to provide the relevant information if your vendor has any queries.

Please note that certain features on your PABX/keyphone may not work. Again, your equipment vendor would be in the best position to advise you.

18. Can I still call emergency numbers such as 999 if there is a power failure?

No, you would not be able to make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls if there is a power failure, unless you have power back-up devices like UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

19. Can I surf the Internet and make a voice call simultaneously?

Yes, you can.

20. Would making a voice call while surfing slow down the Internet access speed?

Under normal circumstances, this should not happen. Our network is designed to handle voice and data traffic simultaneously.

21. Does Digital Voice Home support dial-up modem usage?

Digital Voice Home is a technological platform designed for the efficient transportation of analogue voice signals in a digitised form via the RJ11 port (standard telephone jack).

For data communications, it is designed with optimised broadband connections via its RJ45 (Ethernet) port or USB port that are available on the Voice-enabled Cable Modem (VeCM). As such, dial-up narrowband data types of communication via the RJ11 port are not a supported usage.

22. Does Digital Voice Home support faxing? Will the fax call be charged?

If you are connected to our MaxOnline broadband service, faxing to Singapore numbers will be supported. We recommend that the number of pages be kept to below 20 per fax session.

If you are connected to another service providers’ broadband service, we do not guarantee that faxing can work. Like any other activities over the public Internet, faxing using Digital Voice Home is dependent on the network conditions. When congestion or network disruptions occur, users may encounter dropped transmission or degradation in fax quality. As such, we are unable to support faxing over Digital Voice Home when you are not connected using our MaxOnline broadband service. Likewise, we are also unable to guarantee faxing to international numbers due to overseas networks that are not within StarHub’s control.

23. Can I use Digital Voice Home for my home security system?

As your home security system is an essential service, we strongly recommend that you consult your system vendor first before connecting your home security system to Digital Voice Home. We would be glad to provide any relevant information to your vendor if necessary. Please note that your home security system will not work in the event of a power failure as the VeCM does not have standby power back-up. In the unlikely event of a Digital Voice Home outage, your home security system will not work as well.

24. I am a current Digital Voice Home subscriber, can I port my line to Digital Voice Global?

Currently, we do not support porting Digital Voice Home lines to Digital Voice Global and vice versa.

25.  I am a current Digital Voice Home subscriber with the Number Retention service, can I port my line to Digital Voice Global?

Currently, we do not support porting Digital Voice Home lines with Number Retention to Digital Voice Global and vice versa.

26. Can I cancel my Number Retention application before my installation date?

Yes, you can. However, you need to give at least 3 working days’ notice prior to the service installation date so that we can make the necessary arrangement with your existing service operator.

Once the cancellation notification has been submitted to your existing service operator, if you change your mind again and wish to re-activate Number Retention, your request would be considered as a new application.

27. I want to terminate my Digital Voice Home with the Number Retention service but I do not wish to retain my ported-in number. What must I do?

You need to call us at 1633 to terminate your Digital Voice Home with Number Retention service. Your ported-in number will be returned to your previous service provider once your Digital Voice Home service is terminated.

After the number has been returned to your previous service provider, it would be at their discretion to issue the same number to you if you subsequently apply for a fixed line service with them again. Please check with your previous service provider directly.

The process of number retention termination with your previous service provider will take at least 5 working days.

28. I want to terminate my Digital Voice Home with Number Retention service and I wish to retain my ported-in number with my previous service provider. What must I do?

If you wish to retain your port-in number, please approach your previous service provider directly and they will advise you on the required procedure and make the necessary arrangement with StarHub for you. You do not need to call us in this case.

Your Digital Voice Home service will be terminated on the day that your previous service provider arranges with StarHub to port over your number on their fixed line service.

29. How will I be billed for my Digital Voice Home subscription?

We will send you a bill at the end of each month. Certain initial one-time charges would be collected at the point of installation.

30. What should I do if I lose the Digital Voice Home equipment?

Please report the loss immediately to our Customer Care at 1633. This is important because you are liable for any call charges incurred until you report the loss to us.

31. What should I do if I encounter a service problem?

Please call our Customer Care at 1633 for further details.

32. What number do I call if I have questions about my bill?

Please call our Customer Care at 1633 for further details.

33. What number do I call if I want to change or modify my Digital Voice Home services?

Please call our Customer Care at 1633 for further details.

34. Can I still use the VeCM/wireless IAD when I relocate to another residential address?

Yes, you can. Please inform our Customer Care at 1633 for us to update your records.