Get ready to be blown away with our blazing 5G and broadband speeds on Singapore’s fastest network.

Now made safe. For your kids. For your family.

Online, offline and all the time.

Do it all, with StarHub’s innovative and advanced Safety Suite.

Fast is now safe with Safety Suite

A comprehensive suite of innovative safety products and services that puts you in control of your digital security.

Protect your loved ones from online threats, malware and use secure browsing for the safest surfing experience. Get coverage against identity theft and even cyberbullying. Your devices can also be covered in the event of breakdown.    

How to add on your Safety Suite products

Choose your Mobile or Broadband plan
Step 1

Choose your Mobile or Broadband plan
Add on your Safety Suite products
Step 2

Add on your Safety Suite products
Checkout for peace of mind
Step 3

Checkout to surf fast and stay safe
Exciting deals and offers

Check out our latest mobile and broadband offers here, and add on any Safety Suite service today.   

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