Protect your devices with CyberProtect


Not just laptops and PC, mobile devices may also be subjected to unwelcome spyware, malware, viruses, phishing and even ransomware that can hold your device hostage until you pay a fee.

With CyberProtect, you can now protect your mobile device, laptops, PC; multiple devices. Shop, browse and bank safely with peace of mind. 

Surf fast, stay safe with CyberProtect, a Safety Suite service.

CyberProtect is powered by F-Secure, a multi-award winning cyber security provider.

Why choose CyberProtect?
Secures your devices connected
to the internet from the
latest online threats.
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Virtual Private Network
Protects your privacy and encrypts
your internet connection with
a fast and unlimited VPN.
secure browsing
Secure Browsing
Blocks web­sites that try to scam
money or personal information
with secure browsing.
parental control
Parental Control
Protects your child from inappropriate
apps and online content on devices
with internet connection.
Multi-device Protection


CyberProtect secures all network devices including your PC, laptop, smartphones and tablets. Whether you are on- or offline, on a private or public network.

Who can sign up for CyberProtect?


All StarHub Customers under Postpaid Mobile and Broadband Plans (including HomeHub and HubBundle) are eligible. 

Sign up available on our Online Store. 

caller number display + cyberprotect
(CyberProtect 3 and Caller Number Display Bundle)

Caller Number Display + CyberProtect 3 @ $8.07 per month right now!

CyberProtect 3 offers 3 licenses.

*Protect+ bundle is only available for Postpaid Mobile customers.

How to add on your Safety Suite products
Choose your Mobile or Broadband plan
Step 1

Choose your Mobile device and plan
Add on your Safety Suite products
Step 2

Add on your Safety Suite products
Checkout for peace of mind
Step 3

Checkout to surf fast and stay safe

CyberProtect Coverage

Add on CyberProtect easily - Access StarHub App > Go to Safety Suite

CyberProtect 3 

  • CyberProtect 3 offers 3 licenses to protect 3 devices

CyberProtect 3

per month

(U.P: $10.08 per month)




New and Recontract customers

Existing customer

Protect+ for Mobile

StarHub Shops and Online Store

Not Applicable

CyberProtect 3 for Mobile and Broadband

StarHub Shops and Online Store

StarHub App

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CyberProtect FAQ