Act Against Overseas Scams


You can now protect yourselves and your loved ones from the rising threat of overseas scams. Simply block all incoming international calls by activating “Block Overseas Calls” service via StarHub App. 

This is a free service for all StarHub postpaid mobile subscribers and Star Plan users.

Block all incoming international calls
Block all incoming international calls

Free for a limited time
Free for a limited time

No contract obligations
No contract obligations

Benefits of opting in for this service


If you opt-in for the service


  • All incoming calls from international numbers will be blocked.
  • Incoming calls from +65 local numbers will still come through when you, the caller or the sender are travelling.
  • Friends, family or businesses with international numbers can contact you through third-party messaging platforms.


If you opt-out for the service


  • Unsolicited spam and scam calls from international numbers will come through your devices.
  • You may be exposed to phishing attempts and fraudulent calls from international numbers.
  • There is a higher risk of your personal information or financial details being stolen by malicious actors.

How to activate


You can activate Block Overseas Calls on the StarHub App > Safety Suite > Cyber Security > Block Overseas Calls.

If you change your mind, you can opt out anytime with the same steps as well. Head over to our FAQs if you have more questions regarding this product.


Step 1

Log into StarHub App
Step 2

Head over to Safety Suite > Cyber Security and select “Block Overseas Calls”
Step 3

Check out with your selection on the App.

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'Block Overseas Calls' FAQ