Voicemail FAQ


1. How can I access my mailbox?

If you are calling from your registered mobile phone, please dial 1303 and enter your password followed by the # key when prompted to do so.

If you are calling from other mobile or fixed line phones, you are required to enter your mailbox number (ie. your mobile phone number), followed by the # key. Thereafter, please enter your password followed by the # key, when prompted to do so.

2. What do I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please call StarHub Customer Care at 1633 to request for a reset of your password. Your password will be reset to the default password (8888). Once you have logged in, you should change your password to protect your privacy.

3. What happens if my mailbox is full and someone tries to leave a message?

The system will play a message that will let the caller know that your mailbox is full and he/she is unable to leave any message at that time.

4. Can more than one person send the message at the same time?

Yes. More than one message can be left in your mailbox at the same time as long as it is within the allocated number of messages.

5. Can I check my messages from any phone?

Yes, as long as the phone supports touch-tone dialing.

6. When I re-direct a message, will a copy remain in my mailbox?

Yes, a copy of the message will remain in your mailbox until you delete it or the retention time has expired, whichever is earlier.

7. Will I be notified whenever there is a new message in my mailbox?

Yes, you will receive notification on your mobile phone via SMS whenever there is a new incoming message in your mailbox.

8. I login, a message I had previously stored in the mailbox is now gone. What'd happened?

Messages are purged after four days (for unread messages) or two days (for read messages).

9. Will there be any usage charge for using Voicemail?

Yes, you will be charged the standard fixed or mobile airtime for

  • Call Forwarding of Voicemail and the duration of time taken by the caller to deposit a message in the Voicemail
  • Retrieval of Voicemail messages and the duration of time taken to retrieve and listen to the messages in the Voicemail