Mobile Broadband Typical Speed FAQ


1. What is the IDA typical speed initiative about?

It is an IDA initiative to provide consumers additional information about the quality of their broadband connections and to increase awareness about the broadband quality in accessing content and services over the Internet.

2. What is Typical Speed Range?

Typical Speed Range represents the range of speed that user can achieve when using StarHub broadband service for purposes such as sending and receiving e-mail, surfing the Internet, and watching streaming video.

3. What is the typical download speed for StarHub mobile broadband plans?

The typical download speed is illustrated on the mobile broadband speed page.

4. Based on your published typical download speed range, what are the chances of achieving the speed range?

It is important to note that the typical download speed range represents what a user is likely to experience in actual conditions when accessing mobile Internet. A user’s experience with download speed will vary as there are many factors that can affect the download speed such as:

Our chart illustrates that generally, a user should experience the typical download speed range around 80% of the time.

  • Location and time of accessing
  • Amount of network traffic
  • Accessing on the move or in stationary position
  • Performance of the device
  • Web servers condition of websites
  • Environmental factors

5. Is the typical download speed range based on outdoor or indoor coverage?

The typical download speed range is measured based on outdoor coverage.

6. Is the typical download speed measurement derived from island-wide testing?

Yes, StarHub attempts to measure the typical download speeds at various parts of Singapore during each quarter. The test locations will change on a quarterly basis.

7. Does the typical download speed range measurement take into consideration of network capacity, the number of concurrent users, the types of download, etc?

Yes. The measurement test attempts to simulate what an end-user will typically encounter in a normal usage condition. Therefore, the measurement results do factor in the environment, Internet traffic condition, equipment used, etc.