What is HomeHub Plan?


HomeHub Plan is bundled with 4 services, namely, StarHub TV on Fibre, Home Broadband, Mobile Broadband and Home Phone Line at one great price in one bill. It is specially designed with a monthly free HomeHub Voucher to upsize your TV entertainment.

What is the difference between HomeHub 500 and HomeHub 1000?

All plans come with StarHub TV on Fibre, mobile broadband and a home phone line. The key differences are the monthly subscription, type of home broadband and value of HomeHub Voucher.

When will the HomeHub Voucher be issued?

The HomeHub Voucher will be issued upon commencement of your HomeHub plan. It will be credited into your bill on a monthly basis if there are applicable TV subscription fees.

What are the TV subscriptions I can purchase using my HomeHub Voucher?

You can purchase additional TV Groups, add-on channels or Video-on-demand and selected Add-on Packs. Not applicable to Pay-Per-View, Cross Carriage and Add-on Packs, example: Box Office Pack, Supreme Box Office Pack, Yu Le Pack, Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack, Thangam Pack, Idaman Pack, Ultimate Pinoy Pack, Manoranjan Pack and Thangam Migai Pack.

Can I carry forward my unused HomeHub Voucher to the next month?

No, the unused or remaining value of HomeHub vouchers will be forfeited.

If I have existing StarHub services, can I transfer them to HomeHub Plan?

If you are an existing subscriber of our Home Broadband Service, StarHub TV Services or Digital Voice Service, you would be able to transfer all 3 services to the HomeHub Plan, provided you have fulfilled the Minimum Period of Service under your contract for each Individual Service. However, Mobile Broadband must be a new service under HomeHub Plan.

Can I request for different billing address for StarHub TV and Fibre Home Broadband services in HomeHub plan?

Only 1 bill will be generated for HomeHub Plan, hence we can only send it to one address.

Can I request for the services to be utilised in different addresses?

All services under HomeHome Plan must be registered and utilised in 1 residential address.

When will my HomeHub plan subscription start?

The HomeHub Plan subscription and 24-month contract will commence after all 4 services are fully installed and activated. Prevailing charges will apply for each individual service prior to the commencement of the HomeHub Plan subscription.

I have an existing home phone line with StarHub, can I use the same number for HomeHub Plan?

Yes, you may.

What other discounts and privileges can I enjoy on HomeHub Plan?

If you have StarHub Postpaid Mobile line(s), you can enjoy the following as a Hub Club member;

  1. 10% discount off additional TV services purchased after deducting HomeHub Voucher (where applicable);
  2. Up to 30% discount off StarHub Mobile monthly subscription;
  3. Annual handset upgrade every 12-month.

Can I terminate any of the individual service under HomeHub Plan?

Terminating any individual service will result in a termination of the HomeHub Plan. Early Termination Charges will apply and calculated as follows:

  • Monthly Subscription Fee for HomeHub Plan x Number of Months Unfulfilled in HomeHub Plan Minimum Period of Service.

Further, if you terminate your Fibre Home Broadband Service within 12-month of your subscription to your Fibre Home Broadband Service, you will have to pay additional ETCs calculated as follows:

  • $385.20 x Number of Days Unfulfilled in Fibre Broadband Minimum Period of Service / 365 days

Can I change to another HomeHub plan during the 24-month contract period?

Change of plan is not allowed during this period.

If you have any other questions, please speak to us at StarHub Community.