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About Rewards Programme

What is StarHub Rewards about?

We’re excited to share with you what StarHub Rewards is all about. In this programme, StarHub customers are given free Green, Gold, or Platinum membership. You can read more about the membership here.

Under each tier, you can enjoy a suite of lifestyle treats, privileges, and deals. To view all the rewards that you can enjoy, you will need to download My StarHub App.

How do I sign up for StarHub Rewards?

You don’t have to sign up for StarHub Rewards. As long as you’re our valued StarHub customer and you have active postpaid services with us, you’ll automatically be part of StarHub Rewards. You’ll also be given free membership.

Where do I get My StarHub App so that I can enjoy the rewards?

If you’re not an existing My StarHub App user, simply download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. If you’re an existing My StarHub App user, you’ll have to update it to the latest version. When you log in with your Hub iD, you’ll be able to see your membership tier and the rewards lined up for you.

Do we still earn points that we can use to redeem rewards from our StarHub transactions?

We no longer have a points system in place with our Rewards programme, that’s why you’re not seeing points in the Rewards page of My StarHub App. Instead, you get to enjoy treats and deals according to your membership tier.

You can read more about the membership tiers here.

What can I do if I encounter an issue with My StarHub App?

For further assistance, you may contact us via Facebook or WhatsApp.