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TV and Entertainment: Getting Started - How StarHub Can Help You?

SERVICE TYPE A ~ Material Qualification

The Material Qualification service is applicable when you are renovating your home and wish to engage StarHub to qualify that your contractor uses the approved materials. In other words, it is a service to determine if the materials used are within StarHub's prescribed specifications.

StarHub provides such a service at an per appointment. StarHub will assign a senior technician to your house to inspect your cables and other network components used by your contractor. The StarHub senior technician will provide you with a 'Materials Qualification Result', which indicates whether your materials are qualified.

This qualification is solely for the purpose of determining whether the materials to be used by your contractor are StarHub-approved types. It does not guarantee that the completed cable system installed by your contractor is suitable for connection to StarHub's network. Poor workmanship, damage to materials and wrong materials used for the actual installation may render your cabling system unsuitable for connection, or lead to signal leakage. This may cause disruption to your TV reception, or interfere with national communication services.

SERVICE TYPE B ~ Broadband-Ready Testing

The Broadband-Ready Testing service is applicable for 'broadband-ready' homes before they can be connected to StarHub's network. StarHub provides this service at an .

StarHub will assign a contractor to your house to inspect your cabling system. In the event that any part(s) of the system fails, we will be unable to connect your home to StarHub's network. If your cable is of a non-approved type, you will have to re-lay, using an approved cable at your cost.

SERVICE TYPE C ~ New/Re-Connection

If you have not connected your home to StarHub's network, StarHub now offers an affordable plan that's cost effective for you and your family.

If you are already connected to StarHub's network and wish to renovate or rebuild your home, you can refer to our for the reconnection charges. Charges do not include the charges for the pipe link to StarHub's network.

Please contact StarHub's Public Hotline at 6873 2828 if you intend to renovate, or rebuild your home, to ensure all necessary provisions are made during construction.