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Changing of Star Plan

Can I change my Star Plan?

Yes, you can change your Star Plan and this will take effect on the next renewal date.

How do I upgrade my Star Plan?

Simply go to your mobile service on the StarHub App and select "Manage plan & add-on" > "Change plan".

1. Select the "Mobile" icon.

Change of Plans 1

2. Select the line for change.

Change of Plans 2

3. Under "More actions", select "Manage plan & add on".

Change of Plans 3

4. Select "Change Plan".

Change of Plans 4

What will happen to my existing offer/promotion/add-on if I change my Star Plan?

Any promotion or discount will be dropped when the change of plan takes effect on the next renewal date. You can select to retain or remove your add-ons during the change plan request.

Will I incur early termination charges if I change my plan?

There are no early termination charges for a change of plan as the Star Plan are contract-free.

Will I have pro-rated charges if I change my plan?

There will be no pro-rated charges as the changes in your Star Plan will only take effect on your next renewal date.

Can I change from Star Plan to another StarHub postpaid or prepaid mobile plan?

Requests to switch to Star Plan is non-reversible. If you have any questions concerning your Star Plan, we'd be happy to help! Please chat with us.