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Request a New SIM Card for Your Star Plan

I lost my Star Plan SIM card. Where can I get it replaced?

Simply request for the suspension of your Star Plan and a SIM card replacement on the StarHub App.

How do I request a replacement SIM card if the one I'm using now is faulty?

Simply request for a SIM card replacement on the StarHub App.

Login to your account and tap on "More". Then, tap on "SIM Replacement".

SIM Repl

Can I authorise a third-party to request a new SIM card for me?

You'll have to request a replacement SIM card yourself as this can only be done through the StarHub App.

Is there any fee for SIM card replacement?

There is no fee for SIM replacement.

I have yet to receive my replacement SIM card and I changed my mind about continuing my Star Plan. Can I get a refund?

Successful orders are non-refundable.

Can I collect the replacement SIM card at a StarHub shop instead of having it delivered?

SIM cards are only available for delivery.

I requested a replacement SIM card and was asked to clear the overdue payment first. Do I need to submit a new request for replacement after paying?

You don't need to submit a new request. You can just proceed to scheduling a delivery for the replacement SIM card.

I received a notification regarding SIM replacement. Why am I receiving this?

Our system received a request to re-issue a new SIM and this is a general notification to notify you of this request.

I requested for a SIM replacement and received a notification it. However, the details are inaccurate. What do I do?

If the delivery date is inaccurate:

  1. You can reschedule the appointment via StarHub App.
  2. Log in to the app, go to “More”, and tap “My appointment”.
  3. Choose the appointment or delivery you want to reschedule. Tap “Edit” to select the new date and time (please note that the availability of dates and times may vary), and then confirm.
  4. Do note that you can only reschedule based on the dates available in the StarHub App, up to 7 days after the original appointment/delivery date. You’ll receive an SMS once the request has been completed.

I received a notification regarding SIM replacement, but I did not request for this. What do I do?

You may seek assistance via our chatbot.