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Cabling Routes for Landed Houses

The diagrams below show examples of how cables can be run around and inside your home, and a close-up of the connection to StarHub's lead-in pipe.

cabling routes for landed houses

Connection to StarHub's Lead-In Pipe

cabling routes for landed houses illustration


  1. A separate conduit pipe is to be provided to lay StarHub’s cable from the gatepost to the house. The pipe shall not have more than two bends between openings, and the radius of all bends shall be at least 20 times the radius of the conduit or pipe.
  2. Developer shall engage QP (Qualified Professional Engineer / Architect) to supervise and obtain all necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.

SCV Cable Material

Residents are advised to purchase the SCV cable materials from StarHub (Materials Department) or call StarHub’s Cabling Hotline at 6873 2828 for a list of StarHub-approved contractors to purchase from.

Please contact StarHub's Cabling Hotline at 6873 2828 if you intend to renovate or rebuild your home to ensure all necessary provisions are made during construction.