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How to Swap Your Set-Top Box

How can I request a replacement for my faulty Fibre TV set-top box?

We regret to learn about the issues you have encountered with your set-top box. We encourage you to contact us via Facebook or WhatsApp so that our representatives can provide further assistance in checking or requesting a replacement for your equipment. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Alternatively, if you encounter any technical issue(s) which cannot be resolved after going through the Troubleshooting Guide for Fibre TV, you may also chat with us or call our Customer Care hotline at 1633.

My set-top Box is faulty. Where can I do a 1-1 exchange?

You may visit any one of the following StarHub Shops:

Please remember to bring along the following:

  • Set Top Box
  • Remote Control
  • Power Adapter
  • RCA cable

I am unable to perform troubleshooting. Can I book an appointment instead?

You may contact us via Facebook or WhatsApp should you need further assistance or if you would prefer to arrange a service appointment. Please note that a transport charge and service charge will apply.