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About Antstream

What is Antstream?

Antstream Arcade is a classic games platform with over a thousand carefully curated games to choose from. With one account across multiple devices (from gaming consoles to phones and tablets), take on friends or foes in exclusively coded challenges or try out casual esports tournaments.

What are the benefits of an Antstream subscription?

You can access Antstream’s ever-expanding arcade games library which includes classics of all genres. Play them on your computer, console or mobile device. No downloads. No hassle. Just pure instant fun!

You can try the social challenges. Beat your rivals, challenge other users to beat your score and climb the leader boards

You can play your favorite games in a new format. Check in for weekly tournaments to see how you stack up to the competition.

How do I enjoy Antstream?

Download the Antstream Arcade Games app from the Google Play Store or you can download it here.

What are the devices or operating platforms I can log on to enjoy Antstream?

You can enjoy Antstream with one account across any of the below devices and operating platforms:

  • Desktop or laptop (Windows and Mac)
  • Mobile phones and tablets running on Android
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon Fire Stick

Is Antstream available on Apple devices (iPhone or iPad)?

Antstream is currently not supported on iOS. However, you can still enjoy Antstream on any of the below devices and/or platforms:

  • Desktop or laptop (Microsoft and Mac)
  • Android tablet
  • Android mobile phones
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon Fire Stick

Can I play Antstream’s games simultaneously on multiple devices?

You can play Antstream’s games on only 1 device at any one time with the registered account.

When can I start enjoying my Antstream game service?

Once you have successfully activated your account, you can start enjoying the full range of game titles available on Antstream arcade. It’s that fast and simple!

I have forgotten my Antstream account login details. How can I access my account again?

To do so, you will need to reset your account by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to and click "Account".
  2. Select “Reset Password” and enter your email address.
  3. You will receive an email with a token to reset your password.

Where can I get help for my Antstream account and/or subscription?

Access self-help articles or leave Antstream a message here.

Why can't I sign up for/manage/cancel my Antstream on the StarHub App anymore?

We're currently enhancing our app, and some products and features have become temporarily unavailable. Antstream will be added to our app soon.

How do I sign up for/activate my Antstream account and/or subscription?

If you are using the old version of StarHub App, you can sign up for Antstream via the app by logging in and tapping "Gaming".

If you have updated to the new StarHub App, Antstream will be available in the app soon.

FREE 1-month Antstream Subscription

What happens to my Antstream subscription after the 1-month period?

If you are using the old version of StarHub App, go to "Gaming" and select Antstream to manage your subscription.

If you have updated to the new StarHub App, Antstream will be available in the app soon. If you need assistance, please reach out to us on WhatsApp. You will receive an SMS notification once the service has been removed.

Will there be any early termination fee if I decide to cancel my Antstream subscription?

Not to worry, there are no termination fees. You have full control to choose how long you want to enjoy your Antstream subscription.

I have an existing Antstream subscription. Can I transfer StarHub’s offer to my existing account?

If you are already an Antstream subscriber, you can activate the offer through StarHub, once your current subscription has ended with Antstream. To check your existing subscription details, please log on to the Antstream app, go to "Settings" and check for your account details.

How will I know if my Antstream subscription is active?

You will receive a confirmation email from Antstream to inform you that you’ve successfully registered as an Antstream member.

You can also view your subscription status under the "Add-ons" section within StarHub App.

Do note that any mobile data used while downloading the apps or using Antstream app will be deducted from your bundled data.

What will happen to my Antstream subscription if my mobile number is suspended?

You will still be able to enjoy your Antstream subscription benefits until the next renewal cycle.

Example: Your mobile number is suspended on 5 February and the next renewal is on 5 March, you will be able to access your Antstream subscription till 4 March. Thereafter, if your mobile number is still suspended, your Antstream subscription will be terminated.

What will happen to my Antstream subscription if I terminate my mobile number?

Unfortunately, your Antstream subscription with StarHub will be terminated as well.