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DW Channel Language Change From German to English FAQ

Why is StarHub switching from DW (Deutsch) to DW English?

We will be upgrading the broadcast language for DW Ch 153 from German to English from 26 January 2022, 10 am to enhance viewing experience. In addition, viewers can enjoy the channel in High Definition from 1 February 2022, 0001 hours.

What is the difference between DW English and DW (Deutsch)?

DW English will be broadcast in English instead of German and offers the most comprehensive coverage with a German and European perspective - 50% News and 50% features / documentaries / talk shows / factual magazine, exclusive, updated daily and weekly. It will have approximately 40% of similar programming such as DocFilm, Tomorrow Today, Check In, Euromaxx, Shift, Rev, Global 3000, In Good Shape, World Stories, Close Up, Made in Germany, Kick Off, To the Point, Arts.21.

Is there any alternative for me to view the DW channel in German?

DW (Deutsch) is available for viewing online via DW’s official website. Please visit this link.