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Love Nature Cessation FAQ

Cessation of Love Nature (Ch 416)

What is Love Nature?

Love Nature Channel (Ch 416) offers viewers exclusive content from around the globe that brings them closer to the beauty and wonder of nature, sharing awe-inspiring stories and shining a light on the fight for survival in a changing world.

When is StarHub discontinuing Love Nature?

Love Nature (Ch 416) will be discontinued from 24 November 2022, 11:59 pm.

Why is StarHub discontinuing Love Nature?

The discontinuation of Love Nature (Ch 416) on StarHub TV is part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our TV offers so that we can bring new and exciting content to you.

With the discontinuation of Love Nature, where can I enjoy similar content on StarHub TV?

You will be able to find similar content on BBC Earth (Ch 407), Curiosity Channel (Ch 422), and Nat Geo Wild (Ch 413). Some of the upcoming programmes are as follows:

BBC Earth (Ch 401)

  • Search for the Last Unicorn (14 November 2022, Monday, 8:05 pm)

Nat Geo Wild (Ch 413)

  • Cougar vs Wolf (2 November 2022, Wednesday, 10:30 pm)
  • Africa’s Wildside Dynasties (5 November 2022, Saturday, 7:30 pm)
  • Wildlife: The Big Freeze (5 November 2022, Saturday, 9:30 pm)
  • Shark Attack Files S2 (New Season Premiere 12 November 2022, Saturday, 8:30 pm)

Curiosity Channel (Ch 422)

  • Seasons of the Otter (23 November 2022, Wednesday, 11 pm)
  • Brown Bears: Teddy Bears Picnic (24 November 2022, Thursday, 4 pm)
  • Seasons of the Forest (1st December 2022, Thursday, 5 pm)

Dates and availability subject to changes.

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Will there be any changes in my TV subscription fee?

As Love Nature is a FreeView channel, there will be no changes in TV subscription fees.

Can I terminate my TV subscription without early termination charges since Love Nature will no longer be available?

As Love Nature is a FreeView channel, early termination charges will apply if you terminate your TV subscription before the contract end date.