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Russia Today FAQ

Why is Russia Today no longer available on StarHub TV?

As transmission is interrupted due to fault at source (Globecast), Russia Today will not be available on StarHub TV. For further details, please contact Globecast directly.

If Russia Today is not available, what are the alternative content on StarHub TV?

You can continue to watch news from Europe on BBC World News (Ch 701), Sky News (Ch 703), EuroNews (Ch 704).

Will there be any subscription fees reduction for my TV subscription when Russia Today is not available on StarHub TV?

As Russia Today is a FreeView channel, there will be no reduction in subscription fees.

Can I terminate my TV subscription without Early Termination Charges because Russia Today is not available?

As Russia Today is a FreeView channel, Early Termination Charges will still apply when you choose to terminate your TV for the reason stated.