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10.10 Flash Sale (8-10 October 2022): FairPrice E-Vouchers

StarHub Broadband 1010 Flash Sale

What is the StarHub Broadband 1010 Flash Sale about?

Eligible customers who sign up for our 1Gbps broadband plan with a 24-month contract from 8-10 October 2022 will get free 5 months plus a $50 FairPrice e-voucher.

Know more about our 1Gbps broadband plan and its inclusions here.

Who are eligible for this promotion?

This promotion is open to our Premier+ and Premier Pack subscribers (including cross-carriage) signing up for StarHub Broadband for the first time.

Where should I sign up to avail of this promotion?

If you’re eligible for the promotion, you can sign up for our 1Gbps broadband plan at the StarHub shops or online via the link sent to you on My StarHub App.

How can I confirm that I’m getting free 5 months and the $50 FairPrice e-voucher after signing up?

You can refer to your service agreement to ensure that you’ve signed up for the promotion (1010 Flash Sale). If the promotion name is not there, you may not be eligible for it.

1010 Sale2

How and when will I receive the free $50 FairPrice e-voucher?

Your e-voucher code will be issued through StarHub rewards via My StarHub app by 31 October 2022. For customers without My StarHub App, your e-voucher code will be sent via SMS.

Can I use the free $50 FairPrice e-voucher at all NTUC outlets?

Yes, you can use your voucher at all NTUC outlets. Please refer to the message with your voucher code for instructions on how to use it.

I’m having issues using my free e-voucher. Where can I get help?

You can approach any FairPrice staff for assistance on using the e-voucher.

Why is this promotion not open to all customers who want to sign up for StarHub Broadband?

We have various promotions catered to different groups of customers. Do look out for attractive offers we’ve curated for our new and current subscribers.