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SmartSupport for JUMPhone


What is SmartSupport?

SmartSupport provides worry-free care for your new mobile device. Replace or swap your device locally within 4 hours for any reason or arrange a delivery if you are overseas. See our delivery hours.

You may make 2 Swaps or 1 Replacement and 1 Swap every 12 months, from the date of delivery of your first service request. Make a Service Request here.

In addition, enjoy access to tech advice for your device and anything that is connected to it online or via the SmartSupport App.


I didn’t sign up for SmartSupport. Why am I given SmartSupport?

When you sign up for JUMPhone, the registered device will be enrolled in SmartSupport for the duration of your enrolment in JUMPhone Program.  Please refer to for JUMPhone terms and conditions.

Can I terminate SmartSupport?

No. SmartSupport will be automatically removed when the registered device under JUMPhone is returned or when you choose to pay to own the registered device.

Device Replacement or Swap (Service Request)

Am I eligible to make a Replacement or Swap request?

You are eligible if:

1. the IMEI of the registered device, subscriber’s name, mobile phone number and National ID under which the account is active are correct and correspond with the information given by you to StarHub;

  • If the registered device was replaced by a replacement device provided under warranty of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you must inform SmartSupport Centre to update the IMEI together with the official proof of replacement from OEM.

2. registered device under JUMPhone remains active as at the time of the Service Request and the Registered Device was active on the Network before the time of the Service Request;

3. all amounts due to StarHub are paid on their due dates;

4. you provide any additional information reasonably requested by StarHub including in the form of a signed confirmation or acknowledgment;

5. you are within the service request Limit;

6. StarHub has no reasonable belief that you have transferred, retailed, sold, or hired your registered device to another person;

7. the Service Request is not for a Device Accessory;

8. the registered device has not been the subject of Modification; and

9. StarHub reasonably believes that you are not using the Service in a manner which is, or is reasonably believed to be fraudulent, illegal or related to any criminal activity; or intended to make a commercial gain.

Do I have to pay for additional fees when I request for a Replacement or Swap?

Yes. The fees vary depending on the retail price of your registered device. For your reference, we have included the table below:

Retail Price of Device
(Inclusive of GST, as of device launch date)

Swap fee
(Inclusive of GST)

Replacement fee
(Inclusive of GST)

$251 - $500$80$220
$501 - $750$150$500
$751 - $1,500$170$550
$1,501 - $2,000$250$680
> $2,001$280$850

*Device RRP is the recommended SGD retail price of your Device (including GST) on the date the Device was launched by StarHub.

What are the modes of payment available?

You can pay via credit card, debit card or any other payment method as offered by StarHub.

What is the difference between a Replacement and Swap request?

A Replacement happens when your existing mobile device is no longer in your possession.  

A Swap request is when your existing mobile device is collected back, in exchange for a like mobile device (new or refurbished). 

How do I make a Service Request?

It’s fuss-free! Simply click here to make a Service Request.

What is the condition of the like mobile device I will be receiving when I make a Replacement or Swap request under JUMPhone?

When you make a Replacement or Swap request, you may receive a like mobile device that

  • may be new or refurbished;
  • is of similar kind, quality and functionality;
  • if it is refurbished, it may contain original and/or non-original manufacturer parts;
  • has the same or greater memory;
  • may be a different make, model or colour;
  • has a different IMEI; and
  • does not include any Device Accessories.

Our priority will always be to furnish a like mobile device which is of same make / model (may be new or refurbished).

What does the 2-in-12 limit mean and how does it work?

A 2-in-12 limit means you may make 2 Swaps or 1 Replacement and 1 Swap every 12 months (Limit). Please see below for an illustration:


Service Request Limit (Example 1)

Service Request Limit (Example 2)

Service Request Limit (Example 3)

Service Request Limit (Example 4)

Service Request (1)

Swap (anytime)

Swap (anytime)

Swap (anytime)

Replacement (anytime)

Service Request (2)

Swap (anytime)

Replacement (anytime)

Replacement (anytime)

Swap (anytime) OR Replacement (12 months after Shipment Dateof Service Request 1)

Service Request (3)

Swap (12 months after Shipment Date of Service Request 1)

Swap (12 months after Shipment Date of Service Request 1)

Replacement (12 months after Shipment Date of Service Request 1)

Service Request (4)

Swap (12 months after Shipment Date of Service Request 2)

Swap (12 months after Shipment Date of Service Request 2)

How do I know if I will get a new or refurbished device?

A new or refurbished device will be issued based on the stock availability at the point of service request.

Can I request for a new device?

Unfortunately not, a new or refurbished device will be issued based on the stock availability at the point of service request.

Can I reject the offer of a Like Mobile Device which is the same make and model but of a different colour?

Yes, you can. The corresponding service request will be cancelled.

What is a modified device?

A Modified Device is one where the original software and/or hardware has been altered.

Software modification: any modification made to a device’s operating system not undertaken or authorised by the original equipment manufacturer and includes software modification known as ‘jail-breaking’ and ‘rooting’.

Hardware modification: any modification made to a device’s hardware not undertaken or authorised by the original equipment manufacturer.

Why does StarHub need to register the IMEI of the original device with Singapore Police Force when I make a replacement request?

With JUMPhone, StarHub is the owner of the original registered device. It is standard procedure for us to register the IMEI of the original registered device with the Singapore Police Force when you make a replacement request.

What happen if I recover my original device after I have completed my service request?

Upon acceptance of the Replacement device, StarHub is now the owner of the original mobile device. Please click here to arrange the return of the original mobile device.

What do I have to do before handing over the registered device back to StarHub for swap?

For a smooth experience, please ensure the following steps are completed prior to the arrival of our courier:

  1. Disable any personal lock and security feature
  2. Delete all data from your existing device and perform a factory reset

It is important that you complete the steps above prior to the arrival of the courier. Our courier will not be able to wait for you to do the above.

You may incur additional fees if the above is not completed upon arrival of our courier.

What is the warranty period for the device received under the Replacement or Swap request?

SmartSupport provides a 6-month warranty which starts from the date of delivery of each mobile device received upon your Replacement or Swap request. This warranty protects you against manufacture defects and malfunctions. Make a warranty exchange here.


Does the like mobile device come in original packaging?

No, the like mobile device does not come in original packaging.

What is included in the like mobile device?

For each Service Request, we will be providing:

  • a transceiver with built-in battery or a transceiver only; 
  • a charger if the device is of a different make; 
  • and a replacement SIM card (upon request).

Where do you deliver the like mobile device to?

The device will be sent to your registered or billing address on:

  • the main island of Singapore
  • Sentosa
  • Jurong Island
  • outlying islands of Singapore

Do I need to be home to accept the delivery?

Yes, you must be personally present to accept the delivery and have your ID/NRIC on hand for verification while accepting the delivery of the like mobile device.

Can I request for the like mobile device to be sent overseas?

Yes. Additional charges will apply and delivery time will differ in accordance to the destination. Payment for the charges required can only be made via a credit card.

What are the delivery hours?

Time of Service Request for a Swap or Replacement 

Delivery time#

Monday to Saturday, 8am to 1:59pm

Within 4 hours of the Acceptance Time

Monday to Friday, 2pm to 11:59pm

By 12pm on the next day

Tuesday to Saturday, midnight to 7:59am

By 12pm on the same day

Saturday, 2pm to Monday, 7:59am 

By 12pm on Monday

#For delivery times that fall on a public holiday, the delivery will occur on the next working day.
Acceptance Time refers to the time that your Service Request is accepted by the SmartSupport Centre.

Tech Support

What is Tech Support?

Tech Support gives you instant access to a Tech Specialist to solve any technology issue related to your device. Unlike traditional support, you don’t have to call multiple numbers to get help on your connectivity to different manufacturer devices. From setup and real-time troubleshooting to discovering all your device’s amazing features, our tech experts help you unlock your device’s full potential - so you can be more productive and remain connected. Tech Support offers unlimited, all-inclusive tech assistance.

You can call or chat with a Tech Specialist anytime from 9am to 6pm daily via online or through the SmartSupport App.

How do I get started with Tech Support?

It’s easy and hassle-free! Log on to our online portal or download the SmartSupport App to chat with our Tech Specialists from 9am to 6pm daily.

What’s the scope of Tech Support?

You will have access to tech advice for your device and anything that is connected to it.

For example, our Tech Specialists can help you with:

  • Migration of your data between devices
  • Enhancement of your device's performance (eg. Improve battery life, more responsiveness, more storage, etc.)
  • Optimization of your device to your lifestyle (email, browsing, games, etc.)
  • Connectivity with other devices in and out of your home

Besides my device, what else can Tech Support help me with?

You will have access to tech advice for your device and anything that is connected to it.

Examples of other devices or 3rd party applications that may be connected to your device are:

  • Apps
  • Bluetooth® devices and accessories
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • TVs
  • Cloud services
  • Wi-Fi

Tech Support does not support the following:

  • devices which are jail-broken or rooted
  • apps not downloaded from Google Play or App Store
  •  3rd party applications that do not relate to the device

What are the 3rd party applications that Tech Support can help me with?

Any legitimate 3rd party applications that are available on official App stores, such as Google Play and App Store. Tech Support cannot support any missing features or issues within the app.

Which devices are compatible with SmartSupport App?

The SmartSupport App supports Android (OS 5.0 and above) and iOS (iOS 9.0 and above) devices only. Please note that you must have an active SIM installed to use the App.

Can I install the SmartSupport App on multiple devices?

No, you can only install the SmartSupport App onto the registered device under JUMPhone.

Would the SmartSupport App have access to any of my personal data on my device?

No, the SmartSupport App will not have access to any of your personal data on your device.

How can I reach the Tech Specialists?

You can reach the Tech Specialists through our online portal or the SmartSupport App from 9am to 6pm daily.

Can I get Tech Support when I am overseas?

Yes, you can reach our Tech Specialists through our online portal or the SmartSupport App from 9am to 6pm daily. 

If you're using the SmartSupport App, please note that data roaming charges apply. You can activate our affordable overseas data here.

How often can I contact Tech Support?

Tech Support provides unlimited support. You can click to chat or call as often as you need.

What is Remote Access?

Remote Access happens when you authorise our Tech Specialist to access the registered device without a face-to-face contact.

To start a remote session, you will need to accept the Tech Specialist’s request to access your mobile device. Upon acceptance, our Tech Specialist will be able to review your mobile device and troubleshoot any issues under your supervision. The session will be disconnected upon resolving the issues and our Tech Specialist will no longer have access to your device. You can also choose to terminate the session any time by tapping “End Session” on your notification bar. 

What do I do if I encounter problem with the SmartSupport App?

Not to worry, we’re here to help. Simply send us an email.