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Cessation of One Sensation Pack on SHTV Lite

Dear customer,

Malay content gets bigger and better on StarHub TV!

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the viewing, we are constantly improving the content line-up on StarHub TV and finding new ways to delight our customers.

Hence, we are pleased to inform you of these latest enhancements to our Malay content offering:

  • Launch of Astro Warna (Ch 118 ) on 1 January 2015 where customers can enjoy fun and entertaining comedy shows. The channel also showcases the best Malaysian productions from Astro, as well as international foreign dramas and variety shows  NEW!
  • Introducing the AneKa! Pack on StarHub TV with 6 fantastic Malay and Korean channels, including Astro Warna where customers can enjoy all their favourite programmes for only $14.98/month (w/GST). NEW!

Enjoy 6 months of savings

We would also like to inform you that ONE Sensation Pack (accessible via StarHub TV Lite), will be discontinued after 31 December 2014. As a way to show our appreciation, we will be extending the new AneKa! Pack (UP$14.98/mth) at a special price of $6.42 (w/GST) for the first 6 months. As our valued customer, you will be upgraded automatically to this enhanced AneKa! Pack on 10 January 2015.

If you do not wish to enjoy this promotion, please respond to the SMS you have received from us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support and we sincerely hope that you will continue to enjoy your viewing experience on StarHub TV.

General FAQs

01 Why are we discontinuing ONE SENSATION PACK ON SHTV LITE?

To provide our customers more fresh content and better value packs, we are ceasing ONE Sensation Pack on SHTV Lite and introducing a new pack, AneKa! Pack. We are constantly reviewing our services to provide more value and new content to our StarHub TV customers.

02  What is the difference between the ONE Sensation Pack and AneKa! Pack?

ONE Sensation Pack has 3 channels which are Sensasi (Ch 123), KBS World HD (Ch 115) and ONE Malay (Ch 124).

AneKa! Pack will consist of 6 channels which are Astro Warna (Ch 118), Sensasi (Ch 123), KBS World HD (Ch 115), Channel M (Ch 824), ONE Malay (Ch 124) and Oh!K (Ch 816). The AneKa! Pack is priced at $14.98/mth (w/GST).

AneKa! Pack will include a brand new channel, Astro Warna (Ch 118), which is one of the top 3 Malay channels in Malaysia. It is a 24x7 wholesome Malay comedy channel, supported by regional/international comedy and entertainment.

As a way to show our appreciation to our loyal customers, you can now enjoy a promotional rate when you choose to stay subscribed to the AneKa! Pack (U.P. $14.98 per month w/GST). This means you only need to pay $6.42 (w/GST) per month for the next 6 months.

03  When will ONE Sensation Pack be discontinued?

ONE Sensation Pack will be discontinued on 10 January 2015. Existing ONE Sensation Pack customers on SHTV Lite will be able to watch the channels until 10 January 2015, 9am.

04  What will happen to my scheduled recordings, will they be disrupted during the migration?

Your scheduled recordings will not be disrupted during the migration as the channels in ONE Sensation Pack are also available in AneKa! Pack.

05  How will my bill look like?



Add - AneKa! Pack (Aft Disc:6Mth)

13/01/15 - 13/01/15



Drop - AneKa! Pack

13/01/15 - 13/01/15



Monthly (14/01/15 - 13/02/15)


StarHub TV Lite (100% Disc)



AneKa! Pack (Aft Disc:6Mth)



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