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Outstanding Balance

Bill Amount is Different

Why is the bill amount different from what I was expecting?

Your bill amount may be different from what you were expecting due to a few reasons, including:

  • Your previous bill has not been paid in full

  • You just signed up for a new postpaid plan

  • You just modified your postpaid plan

  • You subscribed to a value-added service

  • You requested reconnection of services

  • Your equipment or device has been replaced

  • The discount/promotion ended

  • You incurred a late payment fee

You may find the details of these charges in the succeeding pages of your bill. If you have questions or clarifications, feel free to chat with us on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Outstanding Balance despite Payment

I've already made payment. Why does my bill still show an outstanding balance?

If your payment is not reflected in the latest bill, this is possibly due to the bill generated before we received your payment. Don't worry, the paid amount will be shown in the next bill.

Please refer to the footnote printed in your bill that explains “Payment made after dd mm yy may not be shown” in this bill.

Summary of Current Charges.png

To ensure that the payment is reflected in time on your latest bill, customers are encouraged to make full bill payment at least 5 business days before bill due date.

For your convenience, you are encouraged to sign up for recurring GIRO or Credit Card via StarHub App or My Account, and your bill will automatically be deducted from your bank account credit card/on the bill due date. This way, you don’t have to worry about payment not reflected on your bill in a timely manner.

Outstanding Credit after Contract Termination

I terminated my services and received my last bill from StarHub, but there is still credit in my account. What should I do?

The credit in your account after you terminate your services will be used to offset any outstanding payment under your NRIC. If there is remaining credit greater than $5, it would be automatically refunded to you via cheque within 11 business days after the final bill has been sent.

Please note that upon termination, you will receive your final bill within two (2) billing cycles, including all outstanding charges or credit, if any.

Check Bill Balance

How can I check my bill / outstanding balance?

You can check your outstanding balance online through StarHub App or My Account in just a few easy steps!

StarHub App

1. Log in with your Hub iD or mobile number.

2. Tap on "Pay" Tab, choose "View & pay your bill".

My Account website

1. Log in with your Hub iD.

2. Go to the “My Bills” page.

Waiver Not Shown on Bill

StarHub promised my billing charges will be waived. Why is the waiver not reflected in my latest bill?

This could be due to a few possible scenarios:

  • Your bill was generated before the waiver had been approved. The waiver of charges will be reflected in your next bill instead.

  • Waiver has been processed and approved, but it is pending for next bill generation.

  • Waiver is still in the midst of process, review and pending approval.

Generally, approved waiver will be reflected in your bill within two billing cycles.